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The Best Crypto Exchange in the USA – Who is Number One?

There are hundreds of crypto trade exchanges available to global digital currency traders. Deciding which crypto market to invest in can be challenging for traders.

Many variables separate crypto assets from each other.

Smart Billions’ crypto resources allow traders to stay up-to-date with the latest digital currency news and trends. There is a lot for investors to learn about crypto, and we update our site daily to help you build a successful digital portfolio.

While many crypto exchanges are available to the public, not all of them allow American crypto traders on their platforms. Investors must know which crypto companies are the best for them.

With that, here is our list of ten companies that have legitimate claims of being the best crypto brokerage in the USA.

#1 - Coinbase’s USA Platform


Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. It is among the only crypto exchanges available to investors in all 50 states. Also, it has more American account holders than any other crypto exchange like , Robinhood, or eToro.

Coinbase offers over 30 digital coins for its users. It also allows you to deposit fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency on its platform. You can deposit funds using a VISA debit card.

The crypto platform has its own digital asset framework, adding to its trustworthiness. Before selling a cryptocurrency, Coinbase ensures that it has enough customer demand, velocity, and more.

Another benefit of trading crypto on Coinbase is the ability to buy digital coins directly on the digital platform. Most crypto companies specialize in peer-to-peer lending, relying on having enough buyers and sellers to facilitate trades.

The platform uses cold storage to store 98% of your funds. Doing so ensures that nobody can access your account information other than yourself. Coinbase insures the remaining 2% of your money. The good news is that funds held by Coinbase are FDIC insured.

Coinbase also offers its own debit card for its users. This debit card allows crypto investors to save on transaction fees and earn rewards. You can also use this card to purchase items with your cryptocurrency.

The Coinbase app makes trading crypto easier for investors. Today, you can track your favorite digital coins on the app and see their price fluctuations.

For beginner investors, Coinbase is the most valuable crypto platform. It offers dozens of resources to help you learn the ins and outs of digital currency trading. Also, Coinbase is the most user-friendly crypto platform to use, making for a hassle-free trading experience.

Once it resolves its complex fee structure, Coinbase will be a near-perfect cryptocurrency platform. If you’re an advanced crypto trader, you might want to check Coinbase Pro.

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100+ countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
160+ Cryptocurrencies

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#2 - Kraken’s USA Cryptocurrency Trade Platform

Kraken is a staple of many of our crypto top ten lists. It has over ten years of experience brokering crypto trades for its loyal investors. Kraken is available in many countries, including the United States.

Currently, crypto investors from 48 states can use the Kraken trading platform. Unfortunately, Kraken does not accept crypto traders from Washington and New York.

We recommend Kraken for experienced buyers interested in margin trading and other advanced tools. The crypto trading platform has one of the highest trading volume in the cryptocurrency industry, ideal for buyers who trade frequently.

Jesse Powell is the founder and owner of Kraken. He is one of the foremost authorities in the cybersecurity industry. Therefore, Kraken has exceptional digital wallet security.

Kraken offers 30+ digital currency types to its investors. Transaction fees vary from .16% to .26%, depending on your selected payment method. Alternatively, you can expect to pay up to $35 in withdrawal fees when you take money out of your crypto account.

Kraken has some things to improve upon to become the best crypto exchange in the USA. Some of the crypto brand’s weaknesses include:

  • High transaction fees
  • Weak customer support/No 24/7 support
  • Not enough learning resources for investors

Also, Kraken could benefit from adding more options for funding accounts. Each year, more crypto companies are allowing more payment options. Soon, every crypto trade exchange will let active traders use any payment method to trade digital coins.

Ultimately, Kraken is a growing crypto brand with a ton of upside. Its reliability and exceptional user experience make it a force to reckon with in the crypto industry. Currently, the exchange platform has over 6 million users. Expect that number to increase in the future.

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0.9% to 1.5% fee

Available Cryptocurrencies:
144+ Cryptocurrencies

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#3 - American Crypto Exchange

cex is another company looking to lay ownership of the best crypto exchange in the USA. The crypto exchange has nearly a decade of experience brokering trades for its users. The U.K. platform hosts users from over 250 countries worldwide.

Investors from 28 U.S. states can access the trade exchange. Crypto experts expect that number to increase in the future. Still, the crypto company has a loyal American audience. works with Crypto U.K, a governing body that helps shape crypto trading rules and regulations. Therefore, is at the center of the advancement of digital currency. allows its American users to trade with USD. You can deposit funds into your crypto wallet using a VISA debit or credit card. However, these payment types have an attached fee of 2.99%. Other payment forms are fee-free.

Figuring out which fees you must pay can be tricky. Fee amounts correlate to how active you are on the platform. uses the maker fees and taker fees policy when charging fees. The brand offers informational guides on its platform to help you determine how much you owe. also has a mobile app available to investors on the App Store and Google Play Store. Its user-friendly design makes the trading process more manageable.’s reliability makes it one of the best crypto exchange platforms in the United States. It offers features for beginner and advanced traders alike.

Crypto traders can take advantage of’s unlimited withdrawal policy. If you make many crypto transactions per day, is among the best digital currency platforms for you.

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174 Countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
65+ Cryptocurrencies


#4 - Binance’s U.S. Crypto Exchange


After a rough start, Binance is making a comeback. The Chinese crypto company offers over 600 digital currencies for its investors including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple, (XRP), and more. You can trade both rare and common cryptocurrencies on Binance’s exchange.

While based in Malta, Binance owns a subsidiary business titled Binance U.S., for American investors. It is eager to expand its American customer base in the future.

Crypto traders mostly use Binance for crypto-to-crypto trades. However, you can also buy Bitcoin (BTC) on the Chinese platform with fiat currency using VISA debit card, PayPal, ACH bank transfer, wire transfer, and more.. You can also instantly transfer crypto funds from your investment portfolio to your debit card.

One of the added benefits of Binance’s service is that the trading platform accepts payments from over 30 different national currencies. Therefore, Binance has a global customer base.

Another unique feature Binance US offers is the ability to pay your transaction fees with crypto. Not many cryptocurrency exchanges have this feature. Also, Binance offers low transaction fees on its advanced platform. Furthermore, if you’re into spot trading, then Binance is really the perfect choice for you!

Other benefits of Binance’s crypto platform include:

  • Many advanced services
  • High liquidity altcoins
  • Offers one of the lowest fees for crypto trading
  • Low instant buy fees
  • Affordable deposit fees
  • Earn Crypto Up to 35% APY

Binance U.S. is still catching up to the principal Binance platform. Some users have had issues with account verification on Binance’s American platform. Also, its non-transparent corporate structure holds it back.

However, Binance has the potential to make waves in the crypto industry soon. As the U.S. subsidiary improves, Binance has a chance to become one of the most successful global crypto exchanges.

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Over 42 currencies


Available Cryptocurrencies:
600+ Cryptocurrencies

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#5 - Gemini’s U.S. Crypto Exchange Platform

Gemini is a digital currency platform to keep an eye on. The Winklevoss twins are behind this innovative crypto solution. The brothers have a vested stake in the company and are eager to showcase what they can do without Mark Zuckerberg.

Gemini is one of the first U.S.-based crypto trading platforms. Atop its priority list is an enhanced cybersecurity presence. The crypto brand was the first to receive approval from the NYDFS, which regulates crypto security. Many financial security professionals list Gemini as the most secure crypto trading platform. So if you’re worried about hackers, hacks, and scams, Gemini is for you.

Most best exchanges use cold storage with private keys or security codes to protect customer data. However, Gemini gives a USB key to its users, ensuring that no entity can extract their data. The only way to access your Gemini funds is with your USB key.

One of the things preventing Gemini from being the best crypto exchange in the USA is its high transaction fees. Still, millions of crypto investors trust the platform to deliver a secure, user-friendly platform.

Gemini is among the only crypto brokers available to traders in all 50 states. The digital currency brand accepts debit cards as a viable payment solution and has a $0 account minimum.

The Winklevoss twins have a reputable track record and are cybersecurity experts. Gemini is a crypto company to watch in the coming years. It offers around 50 different types of cryptocurrency and offers incentives for new users and investors. For example, you can earn $20 worth of Bitcoin when you spend over $100 in trades within your first month.

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60+ countries


Dependent on 30-day trading volume

Available Cryptocurrencies:
50+ cryptocurrencies

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#6 - Bitstamp’s American Crypto Solution

Another American crypto platform to look out for is Bitstamp. Bitstamp has been a mainstay in the U.K. cryptocurrency industry for over a decade. Now, it is focusing on appealing to more American crypto investors.

Bitstamp’s U.S. subsidiary is two years old and is already making waves in the digital currency industry. Its reliability is second to none after acquiring a license from the New York State Department of Financial Services.

The crypto exchange allows crypto traders to make deposits with USD. Bitstamp also gives you the option to link your digital wallet with your bank account.

To do so, you must verify your identity with a government-issued I.D. Alternatively, you can opt to trade crypto for other cryptocurrencies while remaining anonymous.

Seven years ago, the crypto company had a security breach. Dozens of investors lost thousands of dollars worth of crypto. However, it is a testament to the company’s resilience that they are still standing. Today, Bitstamp offers a secure platform for crypto owners to trade.

Bitstamp offers a .25% trading fee for every transaction. Experts claim this is one of the drawbacks of the Bitstamp trading platform.

With 56 cryptocurrency trading pairs and 15 digital assets, Bitstamp has a case for the best crypto exchange in the USA. It also offers a user-friendly mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

You can expect exponential growth from Bitstamp in the future.

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Available Cryptocurrencies:
50+ cryptocurrencies

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#7 - Changelly U.S. Crypto Platform

As a decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange, its users can remain anonymous if they choose to do so. One of the crypto brand’s strengths is that it has no geographical bounds.

Changelly has one of the most sizable collections of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. You can find obscure and common crypto on the Changelly platform.

These digital currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Please note that no authoritative body controls the Changelly exchange marketplace. Instead, it is a hub that brings crypto buyers and sellers together. Users broker their own cryptocurrency trades.

The Czech crypto brand has a traded cryptocurrency fee of .25%. Therefore, you will see the most value with crypto-to-crypto trades.

Opening a digital portfolio with Changelly is a seamless experience. You can start trading instantly, when you register a valid email address on the Changelly website. Your data is private, ensuring not even Changelly can view your account info.

Another intriguing thing about Changelly is it can seamlessly integrate with your digital wallets, making it easier to transfer funds from your wallet to your Changelly account.

Here are some of the things that Changelly is doing right.

  • Affordable crypto-to-crypto exchange fees
  • Vast selection of digital currencies
  • Seamless app experience

One of the drawbacks of the Changelly trade exchange is that its fiat trading fees are above the industry average. Also, it is hard to figure out your total amount due for each transaction due to the changing rates associated with cryptocurrency.

However, for investors that want a trading platform without regulations, Changelly is beneficial.

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Available Cryptocurrencies:
200+ cryptocurrencies

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#8 - Bittrex’s Digital Currency Trade Exchange

Bittrex has a team of executives with experience working for Google and Amazon. These execs have Bittrex gaining more investors each day.

There are over 190 crypto coins available to investors on the Bittrex crypto platform. You can deposit funds with a valid VISA or MasterCard debit card. Note that fiat trades come with an attached 3% trade fee.

Also, Bittrex offers incentives for its active buyers and sellers. If you trade more than $50,000 in one month, you will receive lower fees than the average Bitcoin trader.

Bittrex focuses a lot on its digital security. It utilizes two-factor authentication, ensuring investors that nobody else can access their crypto investment portfolio. It is among the most secure global crypto exchanges.

Many American businesses take advantage of Bittrex’s corporate crypto investment accounts. Today, you can incentivize your employees by rewarding them with digital currency investment packages.

Another benefit of opening a crypto account with Bittrex is that you can refer friends to the platform. You will receive a 10% commission on each friend’s crypto trades.

One thing that Bittrex must improve is its customer service. Many users claim that it is near impossible to contact Bittrex’s support team. Many other crypto exchanges offer a 24/7 live support option. Bittrex could benefit from incorporating one.

Some of the other things that Bittrex must work on include:

  • Not enough crypto resources on its website
  • Unavailable in Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and Hawaii
  • High minimum trade requirement

We recommend Bittrex for veteran traders who want a reliable, safe trading exchange to buy and sell crypto. The platform has a unique selection of digital coins and can keep your personal data safe. We expect Bittrex to grow exponentially in the future.

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0.35% standard fee

Available Cryptocurrencies:

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#9 - CoinMama’s American Digital Currency Exchange

Coinmama logo

Rounding out our list of the top ten best cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA is CoinMama. Crypto polls show that CoinMama offers the second most user-friendly web design in the cryptocurrency industry.

Its easy-to-use design calls the attention of many young crypto traders. With the CoinMama trade platform, you can trade digital currencies seamlessly.

CoinMama’s innovative history includes being the first crypto company to allow investors to buy digital coins with a debit card. It also has an agreement with Apple that lets crypto traders make deposits through Apple Pay. Note that CoinMama charges a 5% fee for debit and credit card transactions.

CoinMama has a $30 minimum order policy on its platform. This number is above average in the crypto trading industry.

However, one thing that irks American customers is that you cannot sell crypto on the CoinMama digital platform. It is a buy-only market that only allows you to add digital assets to your portfolio. To become the best crypto exchange in the USA, CoinMama must expand its services.

Also, CoinMama does not have a sizable selection of digital currencies available on its platform. Investors looking to find rare crypto should shy away from using CoinMama.

CoinMama employs the maker-taker policy, meaning the more trades you make on the platform, the more you will save on transaction fees. This feature attracts the attention of many active crypto investors.

CoinMama fails to provide digital wallets for its customers. Therefore, we recommend investing in a physical wallet to carry your cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, investors cannot store digital currency on the CoinMama platform.

While CoinMama has weaknesses, it is taking steps in the right direction. We can foresee future success from CoinMama due to its innovation ability. However, we must see more before placing the crypto brand any higher on this list.

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Available Cryptocurrencies:
7 Cryptocurrencies

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