About us

Learn more about the team that stands behind the Smart Billions project.

Who we are?

Smart Billions’ core team is a pool of proactive entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts whose main goal is to provide the most in-depth and actionable crypto content.

As technophiles, our team believes in crypto and blockchain technology, and it is this very passion that is the driving force to provide you with an original and unbiased reference.

Our mission

At Smart Billions, we want to create an environment that makes Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology easy to digest.

We’ve harnessed that passion for cryptocurrency into creating a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to learn more about cryptocurrency. It helps that we’ve used pretty much every cryptocurrency-related product on the market (and a few that aren’t).

On top of that, we’re actively looking to acquire other blockchain-related companies. If you’re looking to make an exit any time soon, please contact us.

Meet the team

Founder Andrej Ilisin

A serial entrepreneur working primarily with digital assets. He’s the CEO of Sharp Capital, a company that focuses on growing online businesses. Andrej is also huge crypto, chess, and CrossFit enthusiast.

Writer Justin Caldwell

Justin obtained his MBA at Baker University. He loves learning and writing about blockchain technology and has a passion for its application. Justin brings a wealth of writing experience to the Smart Billions team and is a long-term investor in crypto.

Writer Tanmay Patange

Tanmay is an independent journalist with vast knowledge and experience writing about technology and the internet culture. He has been writing about emerging tech including blockchain, AI, and machine learning for the past ten years. Tanmay recently switched his career from a full-time job with a TV news channel, to focusing on research and writing about the crypto ecosystem.

Writer Eduardo Prospero

Author, content developer, and professional rapper with a profound interest in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, especially. Send me beats. Se habla Español.

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