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Best Crypto Exchange Apps

Tracking digital transactions on the move should be a top priority, and the easiest solution is to leverage the best crypto exchange apps available. Industry experts like Smart Billions provide myriad resources to supplement your cryptocurrency knowledge. However, choosing a great exchange app is one of the first tips we provide for those wanting to explore the world of crypto and make some money.

Why? Partly because cryptocurrency’s value changes constantly, and an app allows any investor to stay on top of price fluctuations, industry trends, and more. So, one of the smartest ways to keep tabs on crypto is to choose a currency exchange with an exceptional mobile app.

Fortunately, digital coin exchanges typically come with reputable iOS and Android mobile apps to effortlessly track a digital portfolio. Below, Smart Billions delves into the ten best apps for crypto exchange that any digital investor can use to their advantage.

#1 Coinbase Crypto Exchange


Coinbase is among the best crypto apps because of its versatility for beginners and experienced crypto traders alike. The American company has over a decade of experience in brokering digital currency trades, with its humble beginnings as an exclusive Bitcoin dealer fast becoming a distant memory.

The Coinbase platform seems to be expanding each year and now offers over 100 types of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for in-demand trade exchanges. It hosts millions of trades annually, but what makes Coinbase one of the most attractive crypto exchange apps is its simplicity. The mobile app boasts a user-friendly design for seamlessly tracking a digital portfolio, and traders can buy cryptocurrency or sell myriad cryptocurrencies without a glitch. For advanced traders out there who are looking for some advanced trading, then the Coinbase Pro is for you!

Other benefits of cryptocurrency trading on Coinbase include:

  • It accepts many different payment types
  • Users can pay in fiat using a Visa debit or credit card
  • The app is translatable into seven languages
  • Coinbase is a secure platform to store crypto, with most funds in cold storage (nobody can access them but you with your private keys)

Download the Coinbase mobile app on the App Store and Google Play Store, and sign in to your account to buy and sell digital currencies. Note that some availability of currency depends on the app user’s location, but Bitcoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies such as‘s native token, are available worldwide. Also, opening an account with Coinbase requires the user to verify their identity before trading commences.

Overall, the Smart Billions team is confident that Coinbase has one of the most comprehensive digital exchange apps out there. The easy-to-use design and fast transactions provide a seamless experience on one of the largest crypto exchange platforms worldwide. In fact, it will take a monumental effort from another digital asset company to dethrone Coinbase from the top spot on our list.

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Coinbase details

100+ countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
160+ Cryptocurrencies

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#2 eToro Digital Currency Exchange

eToro logo

eToro’s app makes its way to second place on our best crypto exchange apps list, mostly thanks to its incredible sphere of influence. The Israeli crypto broker has five offices located in different parts of the world and brokers millions of crypto trades daily. It also represents one of the most diverse groups of investors in the industry, as opening a digital wallet with eToro includes the perk of gaining access to multiple financial jurisdictions.

Traders can also look into commodities and stocks on eToro, with the Israeli crypto brand offering close to 100 digital assets for its investors. Anyone can buy and sell up to 20 different digital coins on the platform, making it an ideal platform for beginner investors to learn and experiment. Trading with eToro requires a $10 minimum, much less than most other digital exchange apps.

What sets eToro apart from its competitors is its unique social trading feature. This “social trading” allows eToro users to copy the investments of professional cryptocurrency traders to decrease the risk of trading digital coins. Other benefits include:

  • A digital crypto wallet to store Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Dogecoin, XRP, and Litecoin
  • Deposit using a Visa debit or credit card (Note: there may be fees for debit card transactions)
  • A bank transfer is an acceptable form of payment on eToro

Download and install the eToro mobile app on an Apple or Android smartphone.

Overall, eToro firmly holds onto its ranking with advanced features and an easy-to-use design. It is an exceptional platform for more experienced crypto traders and would be a strong contender for our top spot if its crypto trade exchange became available in all 50 states. It might even be the best crypto exchange app of 2023; we will keep an eye on it.

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Daily Fees

Available Cryptocurrencies:
90+ Cryptocurrencies

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#3 Binance Crypto Exchange App


The Binance trade exchange app is one of the most highly ranked crypto exchange apps available to investors and seems to improve each year. The Chinese company brokers thousands of digital trades per second, with users raving about the vast cryptocurrency selection. There are over 600 coins available, including obscure and rare cryptocurrencies.

Binance Coin (BNB) is Binance’s exclusive crypto that lets investors save 25% on transaction fees on the exchange platform. The platform’s affordable transaction fee structure also boost its popularity, with a five-star customer rating a testament to its superior performance and reliability. The Smart Billions experts typically recommend this trade exchange for crypto-to-crypto investors, as the Chinese brand has favorable transaction fees (deposit and withdrawal fees) for most digital currency trades.

The global version of Binance is not available for US traders. But don’t worry, because Binance.US is available (except in the U.S. States of Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, or Vermont)

Other benefits of Binance’s app include:

  • Simple tracking for crypto market fluctuations over each of the 200 coins
  • Real time or Instant trading and high trading volume and liquidity
  • Has a staking feature if you want a less risky way of crypto trading and has pretty good APY
  • Low fees compared to other well-known crypto exchanges out there such as Robinhood
  • Deposit or withdrawal of crypto from any geographical location
  • Set price alerts for the crypto assets you are following
  • Set a price trigger to buy digital coins at a target price automatically
  • Two-factor authentication for all users
  • Secure Asset Fund for Users keeps financial data private
  • Binance now offer NFTs

Download Binance’s free mobile app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store but take note that many crypto investors hesitate to use the platform. Binance is an unregistered entity, though highly popular. Unfortunately, it is still not available to United States crypto traders, despite it being one of the best crypto exchange apps in the world.

Smart Billions lists Binance as one of our Top Ten crypto exchange apps for its advanced features and functionality that simplify the crypto trading and crypto investing process. For example, you can open a Binance savings account and earn interest on your Bitcoin and other crypto holdings.

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Over 42 currencies


Available Cryptocurrencies:
600+ Cryptocurrencies

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#4 Gemini’s Cryptocurrency Exchange App

The aptly named Gemini is another exciting crypto trading exchange taking the digital currency world by storm. The Winklevoss twins are the founders of Gemini, adding merit to its potential as two of the faces behind Facebook’s resounding success. It might also be some of the motivation behind Gemini’s specialization in digital security, one of the principal concerns of crypto investors globally.

In fact, Gemini is the first cryptocurrency platform to pass the SOC’s security exams, some of the strictest requirements in the digital security industry. It also offers over 100 digital coins, though the choice depends on the currency you are paying in on the Gemini trade exchange platform. For example, some digital assets are only available to people who pay in USD, while others apply to traders using crypto as payment.

Besides cutting-edge security features to prevent hacks, the benefits of the Gemini exchange app include:

  • Crypto trading process automation for seamless buying and selling of digital currency
  • Simple app design that is easy to use for beginner investors
  • FDIC-approved cryptocurrency for USD transactions
  • Recurring buying feature, enabling crypto investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies based on set price points
  • Options for diversification, like letting Gemini take a percentage of your weekly income to invest in the digital coin of your choosing
  • One of the only crypto exchange apps available in all 50 states

Download the Gemini mobile app from any app marketplace, but take note that it may feature higher trading fees than average (around 3.49% taker fee on debit card transactions and up to 1.5% on other trades). Some users also complain about the platform’s lack of customer service compared to similar apps.

Overall, Smart Billions puts Gemini in the Top Five on our best crypto exchange apps list because we love the direction this brand has taken. It might still emerge as one of the mainstays of the crypto app industry, especially since Gemini lets any investor put their digital currency balance to work. Users can even earn up to 8.05% interest in traded cryptocurrency, an appealing reward for turning a blind eye to its fees.

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Exchange at a glance
Gemini Details

60+ countries


Dependent on 30-day trading volume

Available Cryptocurrencies:
50+ cryptocurrencies

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#5 Kraken’s Crypto Trade Exchange Mobile App

There is a lot that the Smart Billions team likes about Kraken’s trading exchange platform, including its solid ten years of experience in the crypto industry. Jesse Powell is the founder and owner of Kraken and also happens to be one of the world’s leaders in cybersecurity technology. Perhaps, that is why this popular trading platform can confidently serve such an impressive range of countries globally, as it facilitates safe transactions and seven different fiat currency payment options.

Other benefits of jumping onto the Kraken crypto brokerage app include:

  • User-friendly website design
  • Seamless trading for all users
  • A perfect platform for novice investors looking to make their first trade
  • Many features for expert traders, such as margin trading (a high-risk strategy with enormous payoff potential)
  • Access to Kraken Futures, an app designed for crypto investors interested in futures trading
  • Access to Kraken Pro for expert crypto traders looking to buy Bitcoin or sell crypto.
  • The option to open a digital portfolio for as little as $10
  • Tips and insights into building a diverse portfolio
  • Millions of global users trust the security and efficiency of its apps to ward off hackers
  • 24/7 customer support button to enable live chats with a crypto representative

One of the things that differentiates Kraken from others on our list is its three separate mobile apps for iPhone and Android users. All three of these innovative mobile apps hold a 5-star rating, with thousands of reviews available on each download platform. Smart Billions certainly recommends the Kraken app for experienced crypto traders, as Kraken Pro is one of the most advanced apps available for margin trading and detailed infographics.

Overall, there is no question that Kraken deserves a spot on our best cryptocurrency exchange apps list. Its most notable feature is the simple view it provides with regard to the profitability of each investment on the Kraken app. The information lets traders know how successful a digital currency trading strategy is, tracking progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly over intuitive profit charts.

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Kraken details



0.9% to 1.5% fee

Available Cryptocurrencies:
144+ Cryptocurrencies

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#6 Digital Asset Mobile Application


If key players in shaping the future framework of crypto in the United Kingdom are worth a look, then Smart Billions must absolutely include on our Top Ten crypto exchange apps. It is the leading crypto exchange market in the industry, based in the United Kingdom but operating over seven corporate offices in Europe and North America. Its marketing campaign focuses on attracting new cryptocurrency investors to its trading platform, and its phenomenal mobile interface has caused a stir among its younger buyers.

Some of the benefits that come with app’s fantastic app include:

  • A user-friendly platform,
  • Tips and easy access for new users and beginner investors to learn about crypto trading
  • Dozens of cryptocurrencies, including digital currencies and blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), and more
  • The ability to trade crypto against fiat or other cryptocurrencies
  • Comprehensive tracking of crypto trade history through’s mobile app
  • A 5-star rating with close to 5,000 reviews on the app stores
  • Access to buy crypto via Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards also makes it easy to see the value of any digital coin in comparison to other currencies. For example, how much is Bitcoin worth in USD at this moment in time? Sometimes, these exchange rates can be confusing for novice crypto investors, and the insightful tools help to smooth out the experience.

New exchanges and currencies continuously flood the market, and an established brand like makes it easier to know whom to trust with your money. The only point against this UK-based platform is how challenging it is to establish a competitive portfolio on one of the most popular crypto exchange apps in Europe and worldwide. However, others argue that this aspect only levels the playing field for those willing to put in the effort.

Overall, Smart Billions is impressed with the frequency that adds emerging cryptocurrencies to its exchange market pool. Might it become a heavyweight Top Five on our lists in 2023 or 2024? Its lack of advanced order types and relatively high transaction fees keep it in the bottom half of our list for now.

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Exchange at a glance Details

174 Countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
65+ Cryptocurrencies


#7 KuCoin Digital Mobile App

If you haven’t explored KuCoin, that’s understandable. It is one of the most intriguing additions to our list of the best crypto exchange apps this year and one of the newest crypto exchanges. However, the Hong Kong platform already boasts thousands of users, with traffic continuing to surge as the company expands its fiat currencies.

Its unique selling point is the fact that KuCoin’s exchange supports the Indian rupee, Philippine peso, and other nationalized currencies worldwide. Many of the top names in digital currency do not share this support. That’s why Smart Billions suspects that KuCoin could become a major player in Asia, South America, and the Middle East as its offering develops.

Other benefits of the KuCoin mobile app include:

  • Innovative strategies, like allowing KuCoin users to make deposits using PayPal
  • The option to have a verified or an unverified account
  • Access to trade over 500 different types of cryptocurrency instantly
  • Quick response times
  • User-friendly interface

The KuCoin mobile app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store, and it is gaining traction fast.

Overall, KuCoin is doing things that the industry’s leaders are not yet equipped or interested in trying. It is a company worth watching, and it may present the only viable crypto option for those wanting to trade from The Philippines, Peru, or India.

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0.1% for both maker and taker

Available Cryptocurrencies:

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#8 Bitpanda Mobile App

Coming in at number eight on our list of recommended apps for crypto exchange is Bitpanda, one of the most affordable crypto exchanges for the European Union. It is an Austrian crypto company with over seven years of experience hosting its digital currency exchange.

One of the reasons Bitpanda made the list of best crypto exchange apps is its surprising number of services, including:

  • metals, and
  • crypto swaps.

Its advanced tools appeal to global cryptocurrency investors, and the Bitpanda exchange platform also accepts deposits from several fiat currencies, including GBP, USD, and CHF. Clients can deposit with a VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card, ACH, or bank account with additional payment methods on NETELLER and SOFORT.

Smart Billions can see how the Bitpanda Smart Investment App would save traders time when buying or selling cryptocurrencies, and it is convenient that the app is widely available on the Google Play Store and The App Store.

Overall, Bitpanda has a way to go to compete with Coinbase or eToro, but its affordability separates it from many crypto exchanges. If you live in Europe and need a place to store digital assets, Bitpanda charges the lowest Bitcoin premiums on the market, a top reason why it is attracting so many young cryptocurrency investors.

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Bitpanda Details




Available Cryptocurrencies:

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#9 ShapeShift Digital Currency App

The second-last mention must go to ShapeShift’s currency app. It is making waves across the industry as this decentralized (DeFi) digital currency brand allows its users to remain anonymous. That means no collection of personal or financial data and one of the most secure global cryptocurrency exchanges on earth.

The Swiss crypto company specializes in crypto-to-crypto exchange, but it is still possible to pay with fiat currency as needed. ShapeShift does require its users to verify their identity with government-issued photo identification, and some features apply exclusively to verified accounts. For example, users can only participate in no-commission trading with a verified identity.

One of the top perks of trading with ShapeShift is its monthly gift of $100 to each user trading cryptocurrencies. This generosity and many other innovative features are driving the many positive reviews on ShapeShift’s mobile app, though some users complain about the app’s inferior customer support. The app’s trading is also slightly slower than the speeds that other currency exchanges offer.

Overall, Smart Billions’ experts must acknowledge that ShapeShift has its work cut out for it to remain competitive. However, the mobile app’s potential is undeniable, especially in the crypto-to-crypto marketplace.

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Available Cryptocurrencies:

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#10 Changelly Mobile Trade Exchange Experience

In the last spot, Changelly has clinched the title of tenth-highest choice among the world’s best crypto exchange apps. The Czech company is also a decentralized crypto platform and boasts over 1.5 million global users. People like its obvious lack of geographical boundaries, and Changelly’s appeal is spreading to crypto traders worldwide.

The benefits of trading on Changelly’s app include:

  • Close to 200 cryptocurrencies
  • Secure funds as the cryptocurrency company does not store users’ financial information
  • Over 3,000 customer reviews on the App Store and still maintaining a 5-star rating
  • Constant updates to the cryptocurrency selection, including Bitcoin and altcoins

Install the Changelly app on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Smart Billions particularly recommends it for experienced crypto investors who would like to explore seamless margin trading.

Overall, Changelly is a solid choice for margin trades and a sizable crypto collection. It could climb higher by reducing its transaction fees, but it is still a useful app with a commendable focus on security.

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Available Cryptocurrencies:
200+ cryptocurrencies

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