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How To Buy Crypto with Toronto-Dominion bank

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Quick Summary: Just like most banks in Canada, Toronto-Dominion bank doesn’t offer crypto trading on their platform. However, you can easily buy crypto with your bank account using a regulated Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform.

It’s just a matter of signing up, transferring funds, and then buying bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice. We highly recommend Bitbuy as the exchange to use.

They’re registered with FINTRAC, have most of the popular cryptocurrencies, a great app, fantastic support, and even offer new users free $40 when you start trading!

Buy Bitcoin or Crypto with Bitbuy

How to buy crypto or bitcoin with Toronto-Dominion bank

Toronto dominion bank

The process for buying crypto with Toronto-Dominion bank is very straightforward, there are only a few steps involved and you can use the same process with almost any other Canadian bank.

1. Choose a cryptocurrency trading platform

While this guide will be using Bitbuy as the crypto trading platform to use, you can use any of the other cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. Just make sure you can trust the platform, and if they’re in Canada, check if they’re registered with FINTRAC.

Other factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform is the ease of use, the customer support, and how transparent they are with their fees.

Let’s get started!

Bitbuy website

2. Sign up with the exchange

First, create an account on the platform. Next, go through the quick verification process so you can start trading.

Buy Crypto with Bitbuy

Bitbuy sign up


3. Transfer funds

Before you buy any crypto, you’ll need funds in your account. Bitbuy supports Interac eTransfer and Bank Wire to transfer CAD from your bank account.

4. Buy cryptocurrency

Once the funds have arrived, find the cryptocurrency of your choice and hit that buy/trade button.

Now pat yourself on the back, you bought some crypto 🙂

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More Info About Toronto-Dominion bank

The Toronto-Dominion Bank, also known as Banque Toronto-Dominion in Canada, is a Canadian multinational bank and financial services company based in Toronto. Known as TD Bank Group and commonly known as TD, the bank was established by the merger of The Dominion Bank and The Bank of Toronto on February 1, 1955. It is one of the two Big Five banks in Toronto that was founded, the other being The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The SWIFT code for Toronto-Dominion Bank SWIFT is TDOMCATTTOR, and the TD institution number 004.

According to Standard & Poor's in 2021, TD Bank Group was Canada's largest bank by total assets and market capitalization. It was also a top-10 bank in North America and the 23rd biggest bank worldwide. The Financial Stability Board designated it a global systemically significant bank in 2019.

It employs over 89,000 people and serves more than 26 million customers worldwide through its subsidiaries. The bank is known as TD Canada Trust in Canada and serves over 11 million customers through more than 1,091 branches. The company is known as TD Bank in the United States. It was formed through the merger between Commerce Bank and TD Banknorth. TD Bank has over 6.5 million American customers. It operates through a network of more than 1200 branches located in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank, The Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank are the predecessors of The Dominion Bank. The former was established in 1855, while the latter in 1869. The Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank reached an agreement in 1954 to combine the two financial institutions. On 1 November 1954, the Canadian Minister of Finance accepted the merger and it was officially made official on 1 Februar 1955. Toronto-Dominion Bank was the new name of the institution.

TD Bank purchased Stafford Trading and Letco Trading in 2002. TD Bank purchased Laurentian Bank's retail branches west-of-Quebec in 2002.

TD Bank announced in 2004 that it had entered the American retail banking sector, acquiring a majority stake in Banknorth (a New England-based bank) for a total value of US$3.8billion.

After the March 2005 sale, Banknorth was rebranded as TD Banknorth.

The company sold its United States brokerage firm, TD Waterhouse, it purchased in 1984 to Ameritrade in January 2006. The company was renamed TD Ameritrade.

TD Bank purchased all shares remaining in TD Banknorth. This made TD Banknorth a fully-owned subsidiary of TD Bank and it was no longer listed on the New York Stock Exchange. [18] TD Bank also acquired Commerce Bancorp in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the bank that was founded in the same year. Later, Commerce Bancorp was merged with TD Banknorth and formed TD Bank, N.A. 2008

The bank also acquired the Florida-based Riverside National Bank of Fort Pierce and South Financial Group Inc. The following year, TD Bank purchased Chrysler Financial, later renamed TD Auto Finance.

Bloomberg reported that TD Bank and Canada's other major banks added ESG measures in their compensation plans for chief executives.

TD offered US$13.4 million to First Horizon Corp. on February 28, 2022. The 1,159 branches are expected to be complete by February 2023. This would be the largest bank deal in America since the Great Recession. TD was the ninth-largest bank in America as of December 31, 2021 with US$423.65 trillion in assets. The deal would allow TD to open 1,560 branches across 22 U.S. States if it is completed.

Title sponsors of a variety of sporting venues in Canada and the United States are Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries. TD Bank owns the naming rights for several indoor multi-sport arenas, including the TD Garden in Boston. The naming rights to the Boston-based venue were acquired by TD Banknorth in 2005. The venue was known as TD Banknorth Garden up until 2007. The venue was renamed TD Garden after TD Banknorth was merged with TD Bank, N.A.

Other indoor stadiums sponsored TD Bank include TD Station, Saint John, New Brunswick, and TD Place Arena, Ottawa, Ontario. TD Place Arena is part of TD Place in Lansdowne Park. The bank holds the naming rights for the outdoor stadium at TD Place, also known as TD Place Stadium. Other outdoor stadiums sponsored TD Bank include TD Stadium, London, Ontario, and TD Ballpark, Dunedin (Florida).

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