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VALR Review

If you’re interested in buying and selling crypto assets, you’ll need to find an exchange you can trust. It’s also crucial to consider the type of trading you plan to engage in and make sure you find a platform with the features and fee structure you need to maximize your profits.

  • VALR

    1. Operating Since 2019
    2. Cryptocurrencies Supported 70+
    3. Fees Vary
    4. Deposit Methods Bank transfers
    5. Fiat Currencies South African Rand (ZAR)
    6. Verification Methods Email and phone number
    7. Margin Trading No
    8. Futures Trading No

VALR is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that boasts impressive features and design. An exciting option for crypto traders based in Africa, the only major downside of the VALR trading platform is the lack of support in the USA and other parts of the world. In this VALR review, we’ll help you determine if VALR is available in your area and whether it could be the right platform for you.

VALR is a great middle-ground option, boasting both impressive and easy-to-use features and a competitive fee structure. While some crypto exchanges may prove superior to VALR in specific areas, it’s challenging to find a platform as well balanced as VALR without spending significantly more on fees. This cryptocurrency exchange platform is easily one of the most efficient crypto trading platforms for both experienced traders and beginners alike.

Features of VALR Exchange

Signing up with VALR is entirely free, and the registration process is simple. Once a user enters their email address and connects their crypto wallet, they’ll be able to immediately get started using the platform to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets and sell them.

Accepted Currencies

Although VALR supports a solid variety of cryptocurrencies, the only fiat currency currently supported is the South African Rand. Yes, there is no option to transfer fiat currencies such as EUR or USD. While this makes sense, as the company is based and founded in South Africa, it is a significant downside for users from other parts of the world. If using ZAR isn’t what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other crypto exchanges with broader support.

VALR offers an impressive selection despite the fiat limitation, with over 70 supported currencies (including stablecoins) and trading pairs. So whether you’re a user who only feels comfortable investing in the more prominent coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), or you’re the type of person who loves jumping on the latest trends, VALR has coins you’ll be interested in.

Supported cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), VEChain (VET), and others

Intuitive Interface

One of VR’s greatest strengths lies in the design and layout of the platform itself. The system makes it easy for users to search through options and place orders and provides straightforward instructions to guide new users through the process.

If you live in an area where VALR is currently supported and have limited experience buying or selling digital currency in the past, the VALR platform is a great way to get started. However, the system does lack some of the more advanced features offered by other platforms. Therefore, if you already have trading experience and are ready to get involved with derivatives or AMMs, you may want to look elsewhere.

Deposits and Withdrawals

For users with ZAR, deposits are easy to make on the VALR platform. Connecting a bank account to the VALR platform allows quick deposits with zero deposit fees. Bank transfers are also supported, but be prepared to wait a little longer for the payment to clear.

This VALR review has already briefly covered the biggest downside of the platform for most users: ZAR is the only supported fiat currency. However, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, as users can still transfer their crypto balances into the platform. While deposits are made accessible for users in South Africa, users from other parts of the world without existing cryptocurrency should look elsewhere.

Another issue with the deposit system on VALR as currently designed is a lack of available payment methods. While bank transfers are allowed, the system does not currently accept Amazon gift cards, credit cards, or debit cards, to make deposits. Additionally, no payment processors like PayPal or Zelle are supported.

While some of the quirks with VALR’s platform can complicate things for users from Europe or the United States, it’s still an extremely convenient platform for users in South Africa and other nearby regions. Although the payment options are limited, making a bank transfer to VALR using South African Rands is convenient and straightforward.


Accessible information is a crucial part of any cryptocurrency exchange, and VALR performs well in this category. The TradingView feature enables users to view and sort through a vast database of information, including price charts and popularity data regarding all the currencies available on their platform.

Learning to quickly and effectively use this information to guide your trades is a big part of learning to master the VALR platform and ultimately optimize your trading. This feature is essential to any platform, and it’s good to see VALR execute it so well.

Exchange Fees Structure

VALR’s fee structure is well-designed and creative enough to separate it from the competition. In addition, the system differentiates between makers and takers, with VALR charging takers a 0.1% fee on all transactions. This is a very reasonable rate and makes VALR a good budget option for users who tend to play this role in most trades.

Maker fees, however, is set at -.01%. This means that VALR’s platform rewards makers for participating in trades by granting them a portion of the fee revenue. The system appears to be well-balanced, as the fee is low enough to not over-incentivize users.

Beyond standard gas fees, there are no withdrawal fees using VALR’s platform. As a result, users can withdraw whenever they want and with no minimum withdrawal restrictions.

While the fees discussed above are highly competitive, VALR’s fee on instant buy or sell transactions is a bit pricey. At .75% for both buyers and sellers, the trading fee is certainly not extreme but falls short of the affordability offered by some of its competitors. High trading volume users may want to look at other options, as the fees will add up over time.

Instant buy or sell is ideal for beginners who want to purchase crypto quickly and are willing to pay a little more for convenience. The fees for VALR are somewhat higher than other South African exchanges with similar interfaces, such as Binance, Coinbase, Luno or

Simple Buy and Sell

For a purchase or sale, the company charges 0.75 percent per trade. Traders who might be seeking a longshot can benefit from it, managing the odds through nominal trading fees.


When you choose a crypto exchange, you’re choosing to trust that company with some of your most sensitive data and valuable assets. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the security measures employed by your platform, so this section of this VALR review will cover the basics of the platform’s security strategy.

Despite being a new company, VALR handles security like a veteran, employing several of the most reliable security options in the industry today. For example, the company stores its wallets using cold storage, ensuring that your data will be safe even if a hacker gains access to the servers.

VALR also commits to using end-to-end encryption on all data the company transfers and stores. Encryption is crucial to protecting your data and is something all consumers should expect from their crypto platform. As a result, VALR’s overall data security strategy appears sound and well-executed, allowing consumers to place their trust in the platform.

User account safety is handled well by VALR as well. Each account is secured using two-factor authentication, and fiat accounts are stored separately from the rest of the system’s data. Every user is subjected to Know Your Customer (KYC) testing to ensure that the platform remains safe for all users.


VALR offers an open API to those who want to harness the full potential of a crypto market or follow the Bitcoin exchange. VALR is a global platform that operates on multiple blockchain platforms. It brings together the potential of all these markets into one. In case of urgent or restricted access, you can also block your VALR account through the internet.


The exchange offers a variety of digital services and products to global markets. It aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for both traders and users. VALR Pay, which provides liquidity, is one of the most popular products.

This product allows users to deposit assets or funds into the wallets of friends and family. Users can then access instant liquidity. VALRPay makes it easy to transfer money from one bank account to another. It takes only a phone number/email address or exchange ID to deposit or receive ZAR depending on your account profile.

VALR Referral and Rebates

VALR offers its users various referral bonuses, which are intuitively intended to help them spread their word of mouth strategy further than they can. Referral codes are an offer that allows registered individuals to make money by referring other investors.

VALR review may be a favorable outcome because it is intertwined to machine-learning. The platform can also learn from its users, improving its functionality and features.

Customer Support Service

Users can always reach VALR’s support team through social media or by creating a support ticket on their website ( Unfortunately, no live chat feature is currently available, making response times with VALR longer than some of their competition. Despite this, VALR strives to satisfy its consumers by regularly updating and improving the platform.

In the future, it would be a positive development for the platform to add a few more support options, as forums and live chat support can offer much faster solutions than the options currently available. However, the current support service gets the job done, and the VALR team is dedicated enough to ensure waiting times don’t stretch too far.


Who Currently Owns VALR?

VALR is still operated by its founder, Farzam Ehsani. Boasting an impressive resume, Ehzani brings a vast amount of experience to the table. VALR has continually grown under his leadership, and things seem to be still heading in the right direction. Farzam is just a co-founder, the other co-founders include Theo Bohnen, Badi Sudhakaran, and Chris Tsimogiannis.

Farzam Ehzani has extensive experience in investment and finance and provides expert leadership and guidance to the company. As he formerly worked at the United Nations, Ehzani has also leveraged critical negotiation skills as CEO.

Can I Trust VALR?

Although VALR is not a currently regulated platform, they have earned the trust of the crypto community with years of transparency and reliable service. Another positive factor is that they have partnered with other reputable crypto companies, demonstrating that their peers in the industry trust them.

One of these partners is Bittrex, one of the most popular crypto trading platforms in the USA and a well-trusted platform. The backing of a company as respected as Bittrex says a lot about VALR’s reputation and gives credibility to the startup platform.

Can I Use VALR On Mobile?

Yes, VALR currently offers a mobile app for Android and IOS devices, so it’s available regardless of what platform you prefer. In addition, the application delivers the full functionality of the VALR trading platform and intuitive design. A truly impressive offering, the VALR mobile app is a valuable tool to any VALR user that often finds themselves on the go.

While many crypto exchanges offer mobile apps in 2022, it’s rare to see one as well designed and intuitive as VALR’s offering. So if mobility and ease of use are priorities, VALR may be the trading platform you need.

Is VALR Regulated?

The exchange has Compliance Programs such as AML and CTF that are designed to prevent any illegal activity, including money laundering or financing terrorist or criminal activities. These guidelines and regulations are strictly followed and considered to be paramount. Take note that VALR is not a DeFi but a centralized platform.

Does VALR support NFT and CFD?

Nope. As of writing this, Valr doesn’t support these high risk features yet.

Valr Crypto Exchange Review for Australia

VALR, a South African crypto-exchange and trading site, was registered in South Africa. It aims to offer a platform for financial transactions that is borderless. It is one of the most well-known exchanges and has made headlines for its digital trading, Bitcoin trading (and many other currencies), competitive price, support immediately, and investment. Their team is mindful of the oneness and accessibility of all people.

It is marketed as an exchange that can be used by anyone, so it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced trader or a novice. The interfaces are easy to understand for newbies, while advanced tools required by pro traders can also be found here.

VALR offers a wide range of features that are sure to appeal to everyone. These include trading, buying, selling and buying crypto, as well as making payments to different VALR account holders. You can also visit/monitor the crypto market and all exchanges and keep up-to-date with the latest information and news. You can also monitor the market through their website.

VALR stands out from the rest and offers a unique service catalogue, particularly in South Africa. If you’re a South African resident, VALR should be considered when narrowing down the best cryptocurrency exchange. VALR is a flexible and universal solution that can be used by traders and investors from all parts of the globe. It also allows one to go beyond the horizons set forth by the US SEC. It has been spotted in San Francisco alongside the Silicon Valley exchanges.

They are able to embark on their dream journey of unlimited finances because of the brand’s unique features and popularity.

If you don’t feel like giving Valr a shot after this quick review, here’s a full list of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia.

Valr Crypto Exchange Review for Canada

VALR, a South Africa-registered crypto-exchange that also serves as a trading platform, aims at providing a means for financial transactions without borders. One of the most prominent exchanges, VALR is known for its ability to generate headlines with digital trading, Bitcoin trading and other currencies, competitive price, instant support and investment. The team is committed to making the financial system accessible and beneficial for all customers who wish to deposit ZAR or use it for cryptocurrency. However, the deposit methods can differ.

It advertises itself as an exchange for anyone, meaning it doesn’t matter if your trade experience is good or bad. It offers easy-to-understand purchaser interfaces for novice traders, as well as the advanced tools needed by professional traders.

VALR has a range of features sure to interest everyone. They allow you to trade, sell, and buy cryptocurrency. You can also make payments to different VALR accounts. Visit/monitor the market and all the exchanges. Their website can be used to monitor your account.

VALR is a standout among the others and has a truly unique service offering, especially in South Africa. If you are a South African citizen, VALR should be part of your considerations when choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange. VALR can prove to be a useful and flexible solution for investors and traders around the world. It allows you to work beyond the horizons the US’s SEC and has made it a priority in San Francisco, along with other Silicon Valley exchanges.

Because of its popularity and unique features, the brand is able to take them on a journey of financial freedom that transcends all price.

Now, if you don’t feel like trying Valr, here’s where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Canada.

Valr Crypto Exchange Review for United Kingdom (UK)

VALR is a South African-registered cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. It aims provide a secure way for financial transactions through a borderless handshake. Because it is one of the most popular exchanges, it has been able to grab attention for digital trading, Bitcoin trade (and other currencies), competitive prices, immediate support and investment. Their team takes the unity of humanity into consideration and strives to create a financial system that is both beneficial and accessible to all customers. Deposit methods for cryptocurrency may vary, but the goal is to make it a positive financial system.

It claims to be an exchange that is open to all traders, regardless of their experience. For newbies, there will be an easy-to-understand interface for purchasing. Pro traders also have access to more sophisticated tools.

VALR provides a number of interesting features that will appeal to all levels of interest. They offer a variety of features, including the ability to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. It also allows you to make payments to different VALR addresses. They also offer monitoring via their website.

VALR has a unique service portfolio that is unmatched in South Africa and stands out above the rest. If you live in South Africa, VALR is something that should be taken into consideration when narrowing down which cryptocurrency exchange to use. VALR may be a great option for investors and traders located around the globe. This is because it allows you to expand your horizons beyond those of the US SEC. Additionally, it seems to have been put on the radar in San Francisco with the Silicon Valley exchanges.

Their brand’s fame and unique features lead them on an unimaginable journey of limitless finances that is beyond price.

On a side note, just in case you don’t feel like using Valr, don’t worry because here’s an in-depth guide of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms in UK you can choose from.


VALR offers an impressive suite of features and a well-designed user interface that users of all experience levels (especially first time users) will love. If you’re interested in starting your journey as a crypto trader or are interested in switching to a new platform, VALR deserves your consideration.

The VALR trading platform’s main limitation is that only ZAR is accepted. Obviously, this is convenient for users who live in South Africa or have holdings there but can be an obstacle for most users in other parts of the world. If you don’t have existing crypto or altcoins and don’t want to deal with currency exchanges, this VALR review suggests you look elsewhere for a platform.

Despite the limitation regarding accepted fiat currency, VALR offers a wide-reaching selection ranging from popular coins widely available to niche offerings that may be harder to find. For traders interested in trading newer currencies without sacrificing their data security, VALR can be an excellent option.

While not ideal for users in all parts of the world, VALR is an excellent option for traders based in South Africa and the surrounding region. Offering an intuitive platform, practical data tools, and a solid range of currencies rivaling even those of big-name forex platforms, VALR is an excellent option for users regardless of experience level.

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