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StormGain Review

In the Cryptosphere, hundreds of cryptocurrency trade exchange platforms are available but only a few stand out. StormGain is one of those exchanges. Our StormGain review will help explain why this trading platform grew so quickly.

  • StormGain

    1. Operating Since 2019
    2. Currencies Supported 20+ cryptocurrencies
    3. Fees Varies
    4. Deposit Methods Credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies via e-wallets
    5. Fiat Currencies No
    6. Verification Methods 2FA
    7. Margin Trading Yes
    8. Futures Trading Yes

Founded in the UK, StormGain offers cryptocurrency exchange services in more than 230 countries worldwide. StormGain has over 5 million users.

StormGain has rapidly become today’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. StormGain offers a modern interface, secure wallet, and advanced cryptocurrency tools to help you trade more intelligently. It brings a fresh, exciting and new trading experience.

What Is StormGain?

StormGain is the one-stop solution to cryptocurrency trading. After registration, you gain access to the wallet that lets you invest in major cryptocurrencies. You can perform high-leverage trading from profitable cryptos.

With StormGain, users can smartly trade and invest in digital assets. Furthermore, they can store and trade digital assets with the built-in multi-currency wallet. StormGain also equips users with substantial trading information before buying, storing, and trading cryptocurrencies.

About the Smart Trading Platform

StormGain entered the cryptocurrency market in 2019. StormGain is a centralized exchange headquartered in London and registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Finance Magnate nominated StormGain as the Best Emerging Fintech Startup and Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform. Later, the platform made headlines by becoming the official crypto trading partner of the SS Lazio football club team.

StormGain launched with the aim of making cryptocurrency trading more profitable for everyone. Today, StormGain is more than just a place to buy but also a great place to earn, swap, and mine cryptocurrency. It enables users to trade effortlessly in global markets.

The StormGain platform offers a five-tier loyalty program from Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, to VIP. It also offers deposit bonuses and discounted trading commissions for each tier based on the user’s trading volume and account balance.

Thanks to positive press coverage and sponsorship deals, StormGain has gained a good reputation. It operates transparently and has many trusted users worldwide.

Note: This trading platform is unregulated.

Easy User Registration

Opening a cryptocurrency trading account is very simple. StormGain offers especially easy and hassle-free registration. Users can sign up with basic information such as their name, email address, and mobile phone number.

On StormGain, identification verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) is not required. Additionally, you can sign up with an existing Apple ID or Google account. As soon as you deposit funds, you can start trading.

Still unsure? Try the service for free. Create a StormGain demo account with 50,000 USDT to practice your trading skills before creating a real account.

Bitcoin and Other Kinds of Supported Cryptocurrency

The StormGain crypto wallet supports popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and Tether (USDT).

Users can invest in crypto index funds to access a diversified basket of digital currency assets. StormGain also offers three cryptocurrency indices for trading: crypto index 3, 5, and 10.

Crypto index 10 is the safest bet for many users. This exchange covers 90% of the crypto market and enables users to trade in popular cryptocurrencies.

StormGain also offers trades in 17 crypto futures in all six popular cryptocurrencies. StormGain is a good platform for beginners and experienced traders despite its limited selection of digital currencies.

StormGain Trading Fees and Limits

StormGain’s competitive fee structure has played a significant role in its rapid growth as a popular crypto exchange.

First of all, StormGain charges low exchange commission. Even better, it has no exchange fees and users only pay for trades that earn them profits. StormGain charges a 10% commission on profitable trades.

StormGain charges flat fees to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Exchange rates vary depending on the trading pair used. For example, the BTC and ETH pair cost 0.25% whereas the BTC and USDT rate is 0.08%.

To fund your account, you can easily buy cryptocurrency assets using a credit card or transferring assets to the wallet. StormGain charges 5% deposit fees on debit card and credit card deposits, or a minimum of 10 USD. The minimum deposit to start trading is 50 USD.

However, StormGain wallet does not allow conversion from crypto to fiat currency. Withdrawals to another cryptocurrency exchange or cold wallet incur a 0.1% withdrawal fee. In contrast, most exchanges only charge a network or crypto mining fee.

Advice: Entering the correct information during a withdrawal is essential. Stormgain has no retrieval or refund policy for lost crypto assets.

Trade Cryptocurrency and Earn Interest

Instant exchange services allow users to trade cryptocurrency without relying on third-party services such as SwapSpace or SimpleSwap. StormGain users can conveniently swap one cryptocurrency for another though basic trade exchange rates apply.

What type of trading strategy should you use?

Short-term trading involves buying assets to sell soon. In comparison, long-term trading is buying assets and holding onto them. Many crypto traders believe the index will rise over time regardless of market volatility.

StormGain encourages users to buy and hold their funds, which can turn their portfolio into a healthy profit over time. Plus, you can earn passive income from your cryptocurrency holdings. Specifically, you can earn an interest of up to 12% on all cryptocurrency deposits.

Information: Users need to unlock the higher loyalty tiers to earn the full 12% interest rate on digital assets. Any interest accrued qualifies for withdrawal as USDT after 30 days.

Keep reading this StormGain review to learn more about the crypto trading platform’s top highlights and features.

StormGain's Best Trading Features

StormGain offers sophisticated features with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies like a pro. The 24/7 access to charting tools, technical analysis, signals, and push notifications make the interface more user-friendly and enables better risk management.

First, the platform’s data technical analysis tools help you make better decisions. You can use advanced charting and trading tools to trade smartly. The full-screen charting system depicts progressive cryptocurrency prices, trends, and indicators.

StormGain’s trading platform also enables users to make high leverage trades. Trading digital currencies with up to 300x leverage can result in large profits depending on the exchange price.

Leveraged cryptocurrency trading can be risky. However, users can learn how to manage risk with StormGain’s built-in tools like stop-loss or take-profit order. A stop-loss order can automatically buy or sell cryptocurrency at a specified price.

Overall, StormGain provides the means to help you feel more comfortable and confident when trading. Users can take advantage of the platform’s cryptocurrency indices. These indices allow users to choose pre-selected digital assets from a pool of cryptocurrencies.

StormGain also runs and operates an internal cloud mining network. Users can cloud mine on the platform by logging into a cloud miner. Cloud mining does not require a direct download onto your computer but rents mining speed and power from third parties.

Lastly, Stormgain has trading signal tools that deliver tips and forecasts. It also features video tutorials to help new users learn how to use the platform.

Tip: Earn a referral bonus by inviting other users to the platform. Bonus commissions have a set rate of 15%.

Security Measures

StormGain wants to keep your crypto funds safe by constantly improving security measures and policies. The platform’s standout security features include two-factor authentication (2FA), AES-256 encryption, and real-time monitoring.

StormGain uses 2FA protection for all StormGain accounts to prevent account hacking. The platform advises users to set up 2FA and use separate email accounts for trading. Furthermore, all logins and withdrawal requests require 2FA confirmation.

StormGain lets you store your crypto assets in secure cryptocurrency wallets such as cold wallets. Cold wallets remain offline, making them nearly impossible to hack.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is also key when considering a cryptocurrency exchange. StormGain has a 24/7 live chatbot and email support where customers can ask questions. Alternatively, you can get help by joining the official Telegram group.

StormGain has a solid knowledge base that includes useful information and troubleshooting solutions. Diverse sections and categories provide an easy way to browse topics you might find interesting.

Customers have generally given the platform positive reviews. Trustpilot, a respected third-party review website, has given StormGain 4.3 stars out of 5. StormGain typically responds to negative reviews within two business days.

Supported and Not Supported Countries

StormGain comes with a strict policy on regional acceptance. The exchange accepts investors and traders from the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The United Kingdom
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • India
  • Germany

Crypto traders who can’t use StormGain because of regional acceptance belong to the following countries:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Guyana
  • Afghanistan
  • Herzegovina
  • Bosnia
  • Uganda
  • Yemen
  • Iraq


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Recommended for beginners
  • StormGain fees are reasonable
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Trade leverage up to 300x
  • Always 100% liquidity / 0% spread
  • Crypto cloud mining tool to get free Bitcoin
  • Comes with Demo Account & Islamic Account
  • Has good margin trading capabilities
  • Enables commissions on crypto trading with a lucrative multiplier
  • StormGain supports credit cards and debit cards as payment methods


  • Offers few research options and tools for experts
  • No automated bots
  • Still not regulated in many countries
  • Doesn’t support CFD and forex


Is StormGain legitimate?

Based on our research, StormGain appears to be a legitimate cryptocurrency trading exchange. It is a member of the Blockchain Association regulated by the Financial Commission. Plus, the exchange is an official Sleeve Partner of Newcastle United. You can visit their website ( or social media channels for more info.

Does StormGain have a mobile application?

StormGain has an official app called StormGain mobile app. You can download the StormGain app on Android and IOS devices (available on Google Play Store and App Store). All the platform’s web and desktop features are available in the mobile app.

What is USDT or Tether currency?

USDT, or Tether, is a type of cryptocurrency that aims to keep crypto prices stable. Users rely on the USDT currency to avoid the volatile nature of other cryptocurrencies. With USDT, users can trade digital currencies without over-exposing their capital and protect their portfolios against sudden price changes.

Can I learn how to trade on StormGain?

StormGain provides a wide range of educational resources including dedicated account managers to assist beginner users. In addition, when you sign up for StormGain, you will get a real and a demo account. The platform allows you to seamlessly switch between the real and demo account.

Is StormGain available in other languages?

StormGain is available in over ten languages. Popular languages include English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Polish, and Spanish.

StormGain Crypto Exchange Review for Australia

StormGain can be described as a cryptocurrency exchange. Investors and ordinary users worldwide use it as a leveraged trading broker. It has a built-in wallet that supports multi-currency support. Stormgain is an all-in-one platform that offers many benefits for crypto traders. Stormgain’s unique features include the Cloud Miner tool, and the lucrative Loyalty Programme.

StormGain offers a fully-functional decentralized exchange that supports almost all major cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This best cryptocurrency exchange can be leveraged to invest and margin trade. The desktop platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to browse and view all rising and falling assets.

StormGain’s instant currency makes it easy to purchase crypto. You can use your credit card to purchase digital currencies. Most users love StormGain’s super-quick purchase process. The exchange is available 24/7 and offers reasonable leverage, which allows for cost-savings and affordability.

StormGain has unique features that make it stand out from other trading platforms. StormGain users can select from nine time frames and allow their trades to be enabled with the greatest computing advantage. StormGain, unlike other trading platforms can offer multiple charting tools at once. It allows users to track price movements and track trends. It is possible to see all 40 technical indicators on the platform in full screen mode. This includes third-party plugins from Ichimoku Cloud and Stochastics.

StormGain users can now trade over twenty futures and smart contracts as of 2022. These include the most popular crypto trading pairs, such as Neo – Tether ($USDT) or DASH – Bitcoin(BTC). Similar to Coinbase StormGain users have the ability to deposit a minimum amount on other platforms. This allows them to buy and hold coins at low prices, and then gain greater profits over time.

This website can be used on both the web and mobile. StormGain’s user interface provides all information about the exchange, including how to store and trade cryptocurrency.

It ensures traders are engaged and have a great experience. It is more user-friendly because it offers 24/7 access to signals, signals, technical analysis and charting tools. It is also very useful to use the mobile crypto mining interface.

This website is compatible with both iOS and Windows devices. StormGain can be downloaded and installed on smartphones and tablets. This platform can be used on mobile devices and smart phones that support iOS and Android platforms.

The platform has strong security measures. Two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) is used to protect user information and transactional data via phone number OTP process, SMS or Google Authenticator. This helps to protect StormGain accounts against cyber-attacks. The platform acts as a broker and ensures that all its assets are securely stored in cold wallets. These are offline storages that can protect all digital assets.

StormGain’s platform was designed specifically for beginners. It makes it easy for newbies to trade cryptocurrency. Cloud Miner is a useful feature for professional investors. StormGain offers the lowest trading fees, as we have already mentioned. It offers good margin trading capabilities and multi-currency support. StormGain reviews several features of the platform. This allows you to browse more advanced features. StormGain makes it easy to trade cryptocurrency. We aim to give you accurate and current information in this StormGain exchange review. For more information, visit StormGain’s website.

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StormGain Crypto Exchange Review for Canada

StormGain is basically a cryptocurrency exchange. Investors and other users use StormGain as leveraged trading brokers. It comes with a unique built-in wallet, which supports multiple currencies. StormGain, a platform that is all-in one, offers a variety of benefits to crypto traders. Its most distinctive features include the Cloud Miner tool and the lucrative Loyalty Programme.

StormGain is a decentralized exchange offering almost all the major cryptos, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. When used for margin trading or investing, users can reap the benefits of this top cryptocurrency exchange. The desktop exchange platform is user-friendly and offers a customized dashboard that allows the user to view and browse all of the assets rising or falling.

StormGain’s instant cryptocurrency exchange makes it simple to buy crypto. It is easy to use the credit card, and users can buy digital currencies. StormGain’s instant currency allows for a quick purchase. It is also accessible 24/7, and it has reasonable leverage to make things affordable and cost-saving.

StormGain is different from other trading platforms in that it offers unique crypto trading features. You can choose from 9 timeframes, and you can enable your trades with the highest computing advantage. StormGain is able to provide multiple charting tools concurrently, which is unlike other trading platforms. It is able to help you track trends and monitor price movements. You can also view all 40 technical indicators in the full-screen mode. These include plugins from Stochastics or Ichimoku Cloud.

StormGain users will be able to trade more than 20 cryptocurrency futures and smart contract options as of 2022. These include crypto trading pairs like Neo – Tether USDT and DASH – Bitcoin BTC. Similar to Coinbase StormGain users can make a minimum deposit on their own platforms. This means they can purchase and hold coins at a low price and make higher profits over the long-term.

The website is a one-stop-shop application that can be accessed on both mobile and the internet. StormGain offers all the details about the exchange as well as how to store or trade cryptocurrencies.

The interface ensures that traders remain engaged and enjoy the experience. The interface is easier to use thanks to the 24/7 access via push notifications, signals and technical analysis. The platform also offers a mobile crypto mining interface that is very user-friendly.

The website works with iOS and Windows phones. StormGain is available for download on tablets and smartphones. This platform is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The security measures implemented on the platform are strong. Two-factor authentication (2FA), which is via phone number OTP (SMS) or Google Authenticator, protects user data and transactional information. This protects StormGain accounts and prevents cyber-attacks. This platform is a broker. It also ensures that the majority of its holdings are kept in cold wallets. These offline storages can secure all digital assets.

StormGain is best suited for beginners. It allows newbies to trade cryptocurrency easily. Cloud Miner, which is beneficial for professional investors, is available. StormGain’s trading fees are among the most competitive, as we discussed in this review. It is able to trade margins and supports multi-currencies. StormGain reviewed several features on the platform. This allows you access advanced features. StormGain makes trading cryptocurrency easy. This StormGain review will provide accurate and up-to-date information. You can find more details and up-to-date information on StormGain at the StormGain website.

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StormGain Crypto Exchange Review for United Kingdom (UK)

StormGain, essentially, is a cryptocurrency trading platform. It can be used by both investors and regular users all over the globe as a leveraged trade broker. It features a multi-currency-supporting wallet and an exclusive built in wallet. StormGain is an all in one platform and offers a multitude of benefits to cryptocurrency traders. The unique Cloud Miner tool as well as the lucrative Loyalty Programme are just two of the many features that StormGain offers.

StormGain provides a complete decentralized exchange platform for nearly every major cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The best cryptocurrency exchange is available to users for investing and margin trading. The desktop exchange platform features a user-friendly dashboard that lets users browse and see all the changing assets.

StormGain has an instant exchange that allows you to buy cryptocurrency. It works with a credit card and allows users buy digital currencies. StormGain is known for its super-quick purchase procedure. You can access the exchange 24/7. It also has reasonable leverage that allows you to keep costs down and make it affordable.

StormGain’s crypto trading features are unique and different to any other trading platform. StormGain allows users to choose between 9 time-frames. This gives them the ability to make trades that offer the best computing advantage. StormGain allows users to access multiple charting software simultaneously, which is not possible with other trading platforms. It helps users monitor price movements and track trends. You can view all 40 indicators and third-party plugins, including those from Stochastics Cloud and Ichimoku Cloud, in full-screen mode.

StormGain now allows users to trade more twenty cryptocurrency futures or smart contracts. These include popular trading pairs such DASH – Bitcoin and Neo – Tether (USDT). Similar to Coinbase StormGain offers users the lowest deposit bonus on StormGain, unlike other platforms. This allows users to purchase and hold cryptocurrency at low prices while gaining higher profits over time.

The website offers a complete application. It is available both on the web as well as mobile. StormGain provides detailed information on the exchange as well how to store and trade crypto currencies.

The interface keeps traders engaged and makes it easy for them to enjoy their trading experience. The interface is user-friendly thanks to its 24/7 access and easy access to push notifications as well as signals, technical analysis, charting tools, and signals. The platform’s mobile crypto mining interface is also very helpful.

The website works on both iOS and Windows. StormGain’s mobile app can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. This platform will run smoothly on all mobile devices and smart smartphones that support iOS or Android platforms.

The platform is protected by strong security measures. Two-factor authorization (2FA) is provided via phone number OTP process or Google Authenticator. This protects transactional and user data. This protects StormGain accounts in case of cyber-attacks. The platform, as a broker, ensures that most of its holdings in cold wallets are offline and can securely protect digital assets.

StormGain’s platform has been designed especially for beginners. It allows beginners to trade cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Cloud Miner features are useful for professionals investors. StormGain is the best for trading fees as we’ve already stated. It provides multi-currency and margin trading capabilities. StormGain has reviewed many features available on the platform. This lets you explore advanced features. StormGain makes cryptocurrency trading simple. This StormGain Exchange Review will give you the most current and accurate information. StormGain has more detail and current information.

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Considering StormGain’s growth rate, it is poised to overtake the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance and CoinBase. StormGain has gained 5 million-plus users since its launch in 2019.

StormGain is highly popular because of its three core services: leverage trading, trade exchange, and secure wallet. Overall, the platform simplifies cryptocurrency trading. It is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that guarantees a 12% return on investments and allows credit card deposits.

Compared to other popular platforms, StormGain offers relatively low fees for trading cryptocurrency directly on the exchange. Another perk is its 10% commission charge only on profitable trades. An included cost calculator lets you see how much it costs for each trade exchange conversion.

Buying cryptocurrency on the platform is extremely easy and lightning-fast. Advanced technology has pinned this platform ahead of the competition. StormGain even provides trading tools that use Artificial Intelligence to improve your likelihood of making a profit.

In today’s world, cryptocurrency users expect a good balance between convenience, cost, and security. StormGain is a 24/7 platform offering this balance along with exclusive features and perks. We are confident you should try the service after reading this StormGain review.

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