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Margex Review

Margex is one of the newest crypto trading platforms out there. Since 2020, the trading platform has been simplifying the crypto trading process by utilizing a straightforward interface and state-of-the-art security. This Margex review will give you a better idea of the platform’s overall structure and unique benefits that make it a popular derivatives exchange platform.

  • Margex

    1. Operating Since 2020
    2. Currencies Supported 5+ cryptocurrencies
    3. Fees Varies
    4. Deposit Methods Third-party exchanges, credit cards
    5. Fiat Currencies Yes
    6. Verification Methods 2FA, Email confirmation
    7. Margin Trading Yes
    8. Futures Trading Yes

Margex helps crypto traders make the most of their investment by simplifying the process and supporting trades with up to 100x leverage. This Margex review will give you a better idea of the platform’s overall structure and unique benefits that make it a popular crypto derivatives exchange platform.

About Margex

Since 2020, Margex has been providing transparency and security for cryptocurrency trades. Its main location is in Seychelles. The global cryptocurrency exchange platform provides worldwide leverage trading, but only with countries or territories that do not require a Bitcoin trading license.

In addition, Margex does not comply with third-party regulations or perform KYC (Know Your Customer) tests on customers. As a result, the Margex platform provides traders with significant anonymity and privacy.

The primary offering of Margex is allowing platform users to buy or sell crypto pairs with up to 100x leverage. In addition, Margex boasts deep liquidity and a book depth of $40 million by combining liquidity from 12 popular exchanges.

Margex allows new and seasoned users to start trading cryptocurrencies with an easy-to-navigate interface and impressively low fees on a global scale.

Margex Platform Features

Like other trading platforms, Margex utilizes various features that help crypto traders make the most of their investment and boost profit. Since it is a derivative trading platform, it does not support trading actual crypto assets; instead, it supports asset derivative trading.

All digital assets on the Margex platform such as XRP, USDC, USDT, and Ethereum are in cold storage, making for impressive security. Due to the platform’s cold storage, Margex only allows one withdrawal per day and supports a maximum of six trading pairs.

One of the most notable features of the Margex platform is its simplified user-friendly interface. Having an easy-to-navigate interface is an essential feature for a derivative exchange platform since this is where users will spend most of their time when trading.

You can find the order book, order types, price chart, position, pending order windows, and order entry neatly organized on the interface. In addition, on the top of the platform screen, you can find the cryptocurrency pairs, allowing you to switch between pairs quickly, with the chart remaining in the middle.

The best part about Margex’s interface is that it benefits both experienced traders and new ones. The platform’s charting features from TradingView consist of indicators and drawing tools. TradingView is among the top crypto charting sites out there, making Margex’s interface not only simple but also reliable.

Margex users can utilize various types of indicators, including stochastics, Bollinger bands, and moving averages. In addition, you don’t have to worry about chart analysis removal when switching between pairs.

Margex provides numerous other features and benefits for platform users.

Trading on Margex

To start trading on Margex, you must first provide the necessary credentials and verify that you are using the platform in an approved country. Once you provide all the required information, you can make an initial minimum deposit.

One of the advantages of the Margex platform is the simple interface that makes it easy for new users to navigate and start trading. In addition, beginner traders can take advantage of various articles and video guides to gain a better understanding and learn how to increase profits.

Rather than using a series of graphs to create unnecessary complexity, Margex simplifies the platform by streamlining information. Not only does this help new users get used to the digital trading market, but it assists seasoned traders by creating a more straightforward platform.

By trade pairing, transactions are broken down by open positions, active orders, position history, and orders history.

Along with deep liquidity, Margex offers a valuable affiliate / referral program. Users can take advantage of the 40% discount on trading fees and experience increased profits as well as trading commission.

Types of Orders

Margex supports eight significant trading pair assets:

  • Bitcoin – BTC/USD
  • Ethereum – ETH/USD
  • Litecoin – LTC/USD
  • Ripple – XRP/USD
  • Yearn Finance – YFI/USD
  • Cardano – ADA/USD
  • Solana – SOL/USD

Users can trade a futures contract using Bitcoin as collateral to trade against the U.S. dollar. Although the platform offers a limited number of derivatives trading pairs, they support the most popular ones.

In addition, Margex offers three types of orders:

  • Market orders
  • Limit orders
  • Conditional orders

Users execute market orders instantly. Margex utilizes a price lock on market order assets to run through the blockchain. They generally include minimal per-trade transaction fees.

Limit orders allow users to act as market makers by being the ones who incentivize trade and add to the liquidity pool. You can do this by placing threshold parameters around the current asking price. Assets that fall in between the parameter lines trigger the threshold parameter.

Conditional orders are similar to limit orders; however, they have real-time trade executions. Once an asset price triggers the set threshold parameters, it automatically initiates the trade. In addition, you can enable the stop-loss and take-profit feature before order executions.

One of the unique features that Margex offers is allowing users to place a take profit orders and stop-loss order for each trade simultaneously.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals Methods

You can deposit funds onto Margex through a third-party exchange or via debit or credit card. The fastest way to deposit funds into the Margex wallet is by transferring Bitcoin from a fiat-to-crypto exchange such as Kraken, Coinbase, Coinzoom, or Gemini.

To do so, you must add a BTC address to the wallet you want to use for deposits or scan the QR code provided by the platform. One of the benefits of the Margex deposit method is that it does not require an overwhelming amount of information, making it significantly quicker.

When it comes to withdrawals, the platform only supports Bitcoin. To withdraw Bitcoin, you will need to provide an address to remove acquired assets, your 2FA code, and the amount you want to take out.

It is crucial to remember that Margex only allows one daily withdrawal at 13 UTC. Additionally, it will generally take a while to show up on the balance sheet.

Margex Trading Fees

One of the most important factors to consider in the Margex review is the platform’s trading fees. The good news is that Margex has a reputation for impressively low fees, making it stand out against other trading exchange platforms such as Binance, eToro, Bybit, Changelly, and Bitmex. In addition, there is no cost to sign up for an account or get a Margex wallet.

Margex has taker fees of 0.06% and maker fees of 0.019% on all eight supported trading pairs. Additionally, the platform has a fee that engages when you hold a position open for more than 24 hours, known as the funding fee or overnight financing fee.

It is also helpful to know that the platform does not have fee discounts for trading with its native token or specific volume trades. However, you can earn bonuses by engaging in marketing campaigns. You can use these bonuses for funding or pay for trading fees.

Platform Security

Platform security is a major concern for new and veteran cryptocurrency traders. Margex employs a multi-layered security model to create a secure platform with reduced risk of hacks or fraud. Some of the platform’s security measures include:

  • Asset monitoring and alerts
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Multi-sig cold wallets for 100% of assets
  • SSL encryptions for information protection
  • Email confirmations with all withdrawal requests

Perhaps the most notable security feature is Margex’s MP Shield AI encryption and programming. Not only is this security feature high-end, but Margex’s own software development team also developed it. The software offers protection against false liquidation and unwanted price adjustments.

Crypto traders know that trading with leverage has certain risks due to digital currencies with high volatility that can have fluctuating prices and price manipulation. Margex addresses the price manipulation problem by using a unique price manipulation system to monitor algorithm consistency from the 12 platform liquidity providers.

Margex also does not offer liquid assets, which helps make their MP Shield System more secure. In addition, they ensure fair trades for their customers by constantly monitoring any questionable trading activities.

Margex Customer Support

Margex offers impressive technological and security features and gives users valuable customer support. Whether you have specific concerns or need guidance, the Margex customer support team has you covered day and night.

You can contact the Margex customer support team via email or through the platform’s live chat feature. The live chat feature has the most impressive response wait as the average customer only has to wait 10 minutes for a response.

You can find all the customer support contact options under Margex’s “Contact Us” landing page.


As part of the Margex review, it is crucial to understand the pros and cons as well as the key features of the crypto exchange platform. First, here are some of the major pros of the Margex trading platform:

  • 100x leverage trading
  • Reputable customer support team
  • High liquidity trading pairs
  • Rewards price manipulation
  • Relatively low transaction and withdrawal fees
  • Adaptable to your trading requirements
  • Comes with trading guide section and video tutorials
  • Easy-to-use trading interface and great functionality for better user experience


While Margex offers several advantages for both new and experienced crypto traders, there are various cons to be aware of, such as:

  • Only allows one withdrawal per day
  • Cannot support a 5x leverage point
  • Limited trading fee selections
  • Only credits withdrawals in Bitcoin

Margex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Margex Trading Platform Available Through a Mobile App?

Many investors are looking to manage their cryptocurrency trades on the go via mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Margex trading platform is not available through a mobile app (Android and iOS). However, you can still manage your Margex trades on a mobile device.

Does the Platform Support Isolated Margin Trading?

Yes, the Margex trading platform does support isolated margin trading.

What Are the Supported Fiat Currencies By Margex?

The supported fiat include USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, and GBP.

Margex Crypto Exchange Review for Australia

Margex, a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange, makes it possible to trade and invest in the blockchain industry from anywhere. Margex claims it is working to make wealth building easier for all, with no restrictions and equal opportunities. Its mission is to simplify complex trading and investing for all users. Margex was created by traders for traders. It offers the features traders want, and not features that are largely irrelevant to a large portion of the trading community.

Margex’s highly-scalable infrastructure and multilayered bank security mean that you don’t need to worry about your assets. You can trade whenever you want. Margex even has a section dedicated to investing and trading. Margex is an excellent choice for traders who need to be confident about their investments.

Margex offers investors and traders great benefits. Although the trading opportunities may seem limited to those who only want to purchase crypto assets, Margex does not sacrifice anything when it comes to trading. Margex offers everything: a premium trading platform, leverage options, precise data, and a user-friendly interface. Margex makes it simple for users to start trading with its user-friendly interface and quick signup process.

Margex, a quality-focused cryptocurrency exchange, aims to give everyone the chance to trade and invest. It does offer many features and functions that are essential for the modern crypto market. The platform even has video tutorials and short guides that help users to understand the industry and the platform.

The platform offers seamless trading with the most up-to-date trading tools, advanced tweaking options and accurate charts. It also offers many other features.

Margex is a platform that makes crypto buying easy and straightforward. Margex allows you to make one-click purchases. The entire process takes less than a minute because the platform accepts credit and debit cards payments.

Margex doesn’t have the most variety when it comes to cryptocurrency. Some exchanges provide hundreds of cryptocurrency assets that can be purchased or traded. Margex only offers a handful of popular cryptocurrencies.

This is the part most traders look forward too. A crypto exchange should have basic trading capabilities in this new era of technology. Margex is the perfect solution. Margex offers a fast, efficient, and advanced trading interface that includes almost all features, including precise market movements, order execution, data customization, and concise data.

Margex can help you if you are short on funds. Margin trading is a great way to get started. Margin trading increases your potential earnings by increasing your equity.

This era of innovation means that you can trade anywhere and anytime you like. Margex makes it possible thanks to mobile apps. Mobile apps work in the same way as desktop platforms and offer a fast and smooth experience.

Margex is a limited-access cryptocurrency exchange. Margex makes it easy to sign up, as its goal is to offer great trading and investment to a large portion of the globe. Margex users don’t need to present any identification documents in order to trade or bypass restrictions.

Once you have signed up, go to the trading interface and start trading immediately. You can trade as you like with options such as margin trading, customization, and accurate charts.

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Margex Crypto Exchange Review for Canada

Margex is a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that allows people all over the world to trade in and invest in blockchain technology. It claims to have been making it easier for people to build wealth, and that they are working hard to do so with equal opportunities. Its purpose is to simplify the complicated system of trading and investing. Margex was designed by traders and is focused on the needs of traders.

Margex’s highly scalable infrastructure, bank-level multilayered security and a streamlined trading platform mean you don’t have to worry too much about your assets. You can even find information about investing and trading on the platform. Margex is a great option for traders who want to have peace of mind regarding their funds.

Margex provides great opportunities for investors and traders. For those looking to only trade crypto assets, though the possibilities may seem small, Margex is not limiting their trading options. Margex offers all the features you need: a premium trading interface and options such as leverage. It is easy to sign up and use the beginner-friendly interface.

Margex is a quality-focused cryptocurrency trading platform that provides everyone with the opportunity trade Bitcoin and other crypto and invest. You can even find brief guides and video tutorials to help you understand the platform and the industry.

It offers the best trading platform with advanced tweaking options, multilayered security, accurate charts, and the latest trading tools. The platform has many more features.

Margex offers a hassle-free and easy way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like stablecoins. Margex offers easy, one-click cryptocurrency purchases. It is easy to use the platform for credit and debit card payments. The whole process takes about a minute.

Margex is not the best when it comes down to cryptocurrencies. There are many exchanges that offer thousands of crypto assets to trade or purchase. Margex is limited to a handful of popular cryptos.

The part that traders most look forward to is now. An experienced trader wouldn’t choose a crypto-exchange without the basic trading features of this modern technology. Margex helps you do just that. It offers an efficient, fast and sophisticated trading interface, with nearly every feature you could need, such as precise market movements, quick order execution, customized data, or concise data.

Margex can help you with limited funds. Margin trading can be a rewarding option for those who have not tried it before. Margin trading can increase your earnings potential by increasing your equity.

You should be able trade anywhere you want in this age of technology. Margex’s mobile apps make it possible. The mobile apps offer a similar experience to the desktop platform and are smooth and quick.

Margex is one the most trusted and limited cryptocurrency exchanges. Margex is a great place to trade and invest. To trade or to overcome restrictions, users don’t even have to submit any identity documents.

Simply sign up with your email and go to the trading platform to begin trading immediately. Margin trading, customization and accurate chart options will enhance your trading experience and allow you to trade exactly how you want.

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Margex Crypto Exchange Review for UK

Margex, a new cryptocurrency exchange that allows anyone to trade or invest in the blockchain sector, is revolutionary. It claims that it works to make it easier to create wealth for all people, regardless of their ability and without any restrictions. The exchange’s aim is to make complex systems of trading and investing more accessible to common users. Margex was built by traders for traders. This means that it provides what traders actually want and does not focus on features that are irrelevant to large parts of the trading community.

Margex’s highly scaled infrastructure and bank-level multilayered safety ensure that your assets are protected and you can start trading anytime you wish. A section on trading and investing is also available on Margex. Margex is a great platform for traders who are concerned about the safety of their funds.

Margex offers great benefits to both investors and traders. The platform offers trading, but the options may not be as extensive for those who want to just buy crypto assets. Margex provides everything you need: a premium trading environment, options like leverage and accurate and precise data. Users can also sign up quickly and navigate easily through the platform’s beginner-friendly interface.

Margex, which is a quality-focused exchange for cryptocurrency, offers investors and traders the opportunity to trade. It also offers short guides and videos to help users get to grips with the platform.

This platform provides seamless trading by combining the latest trading tools with multilayered security, precise charts, advanced tweaking and multilayered security. There are many other benefits, too.

Margex provides a simple and hassle-free way to purchase crypto. Margex is a platform that allows for one-click purchase of crypto. The process is usually quick because it supports debit and credit card payments.

Margex has a limited selection of cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges offer hundreds upon hundreds of crypto assets to purchase or trade. Margex does not offer many popular cryptocurrencies.

Here comes the part that most traders aspire to. The crypto exchange must have the necessary trading tools to be successful in this technologically advanced age. Margex makes this possible. It features a fast, efficient and highly customizable trading interface.

Margex can help you manage your limited funds. Margin trading has many benefits that you should explore if you’ve never tried it. Margin trading maximizes your earnings by increasing equity.

Trade should be possible in today’s age of technological advancement. Margex mobile apps make this possible. The mobile app is similar to the desktop platform but offers a smoother and faster experience.

Margex is the best cryptocurrency exchange. Margex’s goal is to make it simple to sign up. Margex users do not need to have any ID documents to begin trading or overcome restrictions.

Sign up using your email address to access the trading interface. You can then start trading straight away. Options such as margin trading and customization are available to make your trading experience even more enjoyable.

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Margex Review Conclusion

The Margex platform has deep liquidity that allows it to offer high leverage at low maker fees. Although it only supports eight digital crypto trading pairs, the ones it supports are among the most popular in the trading industry.

To conclude the Margex review, the platform is ideal for beginners who want to enter the world of cryptocurrency derivative trading. Its streamlined interface makes it easy for users to navigate the platform and keep track of their orders and profits.

With the Margex platform, you can experience trading demand transparency, high-end security, and lower fees. In addition, the affiliate program and cold wallet storage make Margex stand out against other derivatives trading platforms, making it the ideal choice for new and seasoned crypto traders alike.

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