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Cointree Review – Best Crypto Exchange In Australia

Cointree is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange platform restricted to use by Australian residents. Founded in Melbourne in 2013, the exchange now supports more than 160 digital currencies. Cointree is also one of the longest-standing exchanges, launching only a few years after crypto emerged.

  • Cointree

    1. Operating Since 2013
    2. Cryptocurrencies Supported 160+
    3. Trading Fees Vary based on monthly trading volumes
    4. Deposit Methods PayID, POLi, Osko, and more!
    5. Fiat Currencies AUD
    6. Verification Methods KYC, AML testing, valid IDs
    7. Margin Trading No
    8. Futures Trading No

Cointree Overview

The exchange’s original goal was to make blockchain technologies and digital currencies more accessible for ordinary people. For that reason, what makes Cointree unique is its focus on usability and simplicity. The Cointree user interface is intuitive, uncluttered, and easy to use even for newbie traders.

Most users consider Cointree very reliable, making it one of the most popular exchanges in Australia. It hosts over 80,000 user accounts and has more than AUD$250 million traded to date.

The platform offers affordable crypto trading fees and no fees on most deposits and withdrawals made by bank transfer. It accepts payments via POLi and PayID.

The exchange does not disclose owner details. Nonetheless, it has announced its partnership with Everything Crypto Australia, Blockchain Centre, and Blockchain Australia.

Before this Cointree review explores the platform’s features, let’s review the pros and cons.

Pros of Using Cointree

  • Easy to open an account
  • Simple to use, great for beginners
  • Buy crypto using AUD
  • Tiered, affordable transaction fees
  • Huge selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Auto trades and recurring buys
  • View and copy the portfolios of top 100 successful traders
  • Supports SMSF accounts
  • Pay bills using cryptocurrency via BPAY
  • Secure platform
  • Extensive help and support site
  • Beginner-friendly

Cons of Using Cointree

  • Identity verification to trade takes 24-48 hours
  • Accepts only one fiat currency (AUD) for deposits
  • Comparatively high trading fees for lower-volume traders
  • Advanced trading features are limited
  • No mobile app
  • Dedicated account managers available only for VIPs, institutions, and SMSF accounts

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Cointree supports an impressive list of more than 160 cryptocurrencies and 15,000 trading pairs, including the most in-demand currencies and many you probably haven’t heard of yet.

You can buy, sell, or exchange different coins on the Australian crypto exchange. Australian crypto investors look to Cointree to find new coins and new projects as they open in the market.

Some of the more popular cryptocurrencies and altcoins traded on Cointree include Binance (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV) Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), EOS, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and Stellar (XLM).

Cointree continuously reviews listed coins. It delists coins showing signs of compromised network security, deteriorating developer support, low trade volume, and similar factors.

Supported Fiat Currencies

AUD is the only fiat currency accepted for deposits. However, Australian residents can buy or sell crypto using fiat currencies on the fly.

With a verified Cointree account, traders can navigate the Buy/Sell/Trade panel and choose which cryptocurrency they want to use. They can then select the sum and fiat currency method and wait for the order to process.

After these few steps, the user’s Cointree wallet will reflect the updated balance.

Crypto Wallet

Cointree offers a free, native cryptocurrency wallet although many traders recommend using third-party BTC wallets for safekeeping. Popular options include Exodus, Trezor, and Ledger Nano X.

Traders who sell BTC and withdraw fiat to a bank account from the platform’s native wallet pay no additional fees. However, users of third-party wallets pay transaction fees for withdrawals tied to the currency and associated blockchain network.

Cryptocurrency Portfolios

On Cointree, users can view the 100 highest-earning portfolios over the past week (updated hourly) to compare their portfolio performance. They can also pick out trending assets and trading pairs.

Cointree ranks the top 100 portfolios in order of performance. The digital currency exchange also details the overall rate of return plus the return rate of individual coins.

Traders can choose the best portfolio based on their investments. With the click of a button, they can buy an identical portfolio and track its performance.

How to Register

To start trading, users have to register and verify an account. This process requires a valid email address.

Cointree places new users in Level Zero, the first tier, which lets them navigate the trading platform to familiarize themselves with the features. However, Level Zero members cannot deposit funds or execute trades.

Users must verify their identity to access all Cointree exchange functions and features. They must also connect a valid Australian bank account bearing their legal name.

Cointree’s ID verification process includes Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation and AML testing. It takes 24-48 hours if all information matches and documents are in order. The user will also need to submit a password, driving license, government ID card, etc.

Once verified, users can sell BTC. They can also convert their digital assets to AUD to send to their linked bank account.

Cointree Payment Methods

Most traders use banking transfers to deposit funds into their Cointree accounts because the platform does not charge deposit fees for them. Users can deposit Australian dollars (AUD) and exchange coins across Australian territories. Other available deposit methods include PayID, POLi, Osko, and cash as detailed below:

  • Payment Identification (PayID) (Instant). Supported by most Australian banks and financial organizations
  • POLITICS (POLi) (Instant). Australia Post service with rapid payment confirmation
  • Bank Transfer (1-2 business days)
  • Cash deposits (Instant). In cooperation with the Blueshyft network around Australia, this option lets users purchase crypto with cash

Cointree does not support PayPal, debit cards, or credit cards.

The platform automatically converts your assets to BTC. Cointree offers traders the option of automating recurring deposits to allow crypto purchases. That way, users won’t have to remember to transfer money into their accounts.

The platform caps purchases at AUD$200 per transaction. Moreover, it requires at least five days between transactions.

Cointree Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Cointree significantly differs from other exchanges by providing several depositing methods into user accounts. These methods include bank transfers, instant deposits via PayID, Osko and POLi, and cash deposits.

The platform limits maximum deposits to AUD$20,000 per week. It bases its daily and per-transaction limits on the method of funding that includes:

  • PayID and Osko transfers, AUD$2,000 per day
  • Cash deposits, AUD$8,000 per transaction
  • POLi transfers, AUD$10,000 per day
  • Bank account transfers, AUD$10,000 per day

The minimum deposit is AUD$20.

Cointree Trading Fees and Processes

Trading fees vary based on monthly trading volumes. Cointree charges its highest fee of 0.9% on the entry level until trading volume exceeds AUD$10,000 monthly. Their lowest fee, charged on the highest monthly trading volumes, is 0.5%. These fees will be incrementally decreased as you make referrals or trade larger volumes of crypto assets.

Cointree is not for users whose trading strategies include shorting. The platform makes most of its money from the spread between bidding and asking price. Hidden spread costs can add up quickly, so traders should always consider the trading fee and the spread.

The platform has some of the best prices in Australia for certain cryptocurrencies and offers traders the best exchange rates. Deep liquidity pools make it a formidable competitor among popular Australian exchanges. Users can also set up price monitoring alerts so they can immediately respond to key price movements.

Cointree Offers and Promotions

Affiliate Program

Cointree offers a program providing new users with discounts of up to 70% on new member trades. This program takes effect when users join via a link provided by an existing affiliate member.

First-Trade Credit

Cointree has been offering new users $10 in free credit after their first trade. However, you should check to ensure this offer is still in place.

Paying Bills with Crypto

Cointree promotes the broader use of cryptocurrency by enabling users to pay their everyday bills with crypto.

The process is straightforward and quick. The user navigates to the Buy/Sell/Trade page in their account and clicks on the ‘Pay Bill’ tab. After entering the biller code, reference number, and bill amount, they choose which coin to use and click submit.

SMSF Compatibility

Australian investors wanting to use their SMSF accounts to invest in digital currency will find the platform compatible and cooperative. They first need to sign an agreement to allow Cointree to run their SMSF account. Cointree then provides detailed ATO compliant reporting along with dedicated account managers.

OTC Trading

Cointree has an OTC trading desk available to institutions and other volume traders. The desk provides the best international exchange rates in real-time for digital currencies.

Mobile App

Cointree does not have a dedicated mobile app. However, users can use their smartphones to access the platform. Note that the interface may feel clunky on your smartphone due to its desktop design.

Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Taxes

Beginner crypto traders wanting to learn about taxes on their gains can visit the platform’s online Help and Support section. There, they can read up on paying capital gains tax, when the tax applies, how to treat crypto transactions for tax purposes, and more.

Cointree Customer Support

Cointree offers a vast library of helpful information and FAQs under the Help and Support tab. Lessons include step-by-step guides on registering an account and buying BTC and other digital assets. It also gives tutorials on how to deposit AUD, withdraw funds, and utilize SMSF accounts.

In addition, users can review the exchange’s security protocols and learn how to become a Cointree exchange affiliate.

Cointree provides direct support by live chat (M-F 8-5 Melbourne time), email, phone, and support ticket. Response to customer support tickets has been rather slow historically. However, the response time seems to have picked up recently per the platform’s latest TrustPilot reviews.

Cointree Safety and Security

Cointree is safe, legal, and legitimate. AUSTRAC regulates all platform transactions. Furthermore, the exchange protects client data and currency with security and encryption levels similar to many banks.

Cointree’s safety features include:

  • Robust technology to protect users’ personal and investment information
  • A hot and cold wallet system to prevent loss due to hacking
  • two-factor authentication (2FA) process for all withdrawals
  • Passing traffic through encrypted SSLs
  • Maintaining passwords in hashtag and salted form
  • Separating database and codebase from application credential checks
  • Requiring employees to pass background checks
  • Closed networks and servers
  • Internal access privilege hierarchy
  • Regular security checks and training

Summing Up

In this Cointree review, we’ve tried to outline the most beneficial features of the Australian exchange and detail the not-so-great ones. All in all, Cointree is certainly one of the best crypto exchanges and providers out there. It is a safe, secure platform that works well for beginners who want to start trading cryptocurrency. Even complete beginners will be able to easily navigate through Cointree website because of its easy, user-friendly interface, and readily available customer support service. Cointree allows you to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets using your AUD which is great for Aussies. There’s no need to waste fees and time converting into USD before you can purchase the crypto you want.

Once you master Cointree’s process, you’ll probably want to switch to other crypto exchanges such as Coinspot, Digital Surge, CoinJar, Swyftx, Coinbase, Independent Reserve, or eToro to access more advanced features. You will also likely get lower fees at smaller volume trading levels.


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