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AirSwap Review

AirSwap is a modestly-sized DEX with quite a bit going for it. If you’re looking for a proper decentralized finance solution and haven’t started with a platform already, you might want to consider AirSwap. Let’s look at what makes AirSwap stand out among its competition.

  • AirSwap

    1. Operating Since 2017
    2. Cryptocurrencies Supported ERC tokens and other assets running on the same tech
    3. Fees No trading, withdrawal, or deposit fees!
    4. Deposit Methods Via crypto wallets that run on Ethereum's blockchain
    5. Fiat Currencies Does not provide fiat support
    6. Verification Methods Not required
    7. Margin Trading No
    8. Futures Trading No

Making Crypto Simple

As we conquer yet another day, the decentralized crypto industry is continuing its crawl up the ladder of the world economy. At first, it seemed like centralized exchanges would take most of the market share. Nonetheless, the tides have turned in the direction of decentralized exchanges and their flexibility.

With decentralized exchanges (DEXs), users don’t have to submit to the rules of a centralized platform nor give their sensitive data. Of course, DEXs are not without their downsides. In this AirSwap exchange review, we’ll dive into what makes DEXs so desirable from the user’s end.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing DEXs is that users need to have an above-average understanding of the platform and, in many instances, the Ethereum blockchain. While the process is streamlined, quick, and effective at its best, it’s foreign and cumbersome to many new users who don’t have the time or willpower to do some research.

Centralized vs. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We should start the AirSwap review by outlining the differences between decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs). You might have heard the term before, referencing the massive influx of users to DEX-based infrastructures.

DEXs utilize automated services through AMM offerings, allowing users to make a profit even if they have their hands tied. Decentralized exchanges do not collect user data, and no verification or KYC is required to join.

Many experts believe CEXs will rapidly die out, and DEXs will take over in the next few years for these reasons and more. That said, CEXs like Coinspot, KuCoin, etc. play a significant role in the DeFi world. This importance is because users need to know a substantial amount of information about the market, decentralized finance, blockchain networks, and more before they can craft their crypto path on DEXs.

About the AirSwap Exchange

Launched in 2017, AirSwap was helmed by the talented and experienced team of Don Mosites, Michael Oved, and Sam Tabar. AirSwap’s team delivers a smooth and easily navigable crypto trading experience that doesn’t require massive input from the user.

ASTs, or AirSwap tokens, the exchange’s native currency, arrived shortly after the platform, gaining $33 million during its ICO. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain network, the AirSwap exchange allows users to trade for Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and Tether on the fly.

Few DEXs can say they offer zero trading fees, but AirSwap voids all transaction fees everywhere. Instead of driving profit on trades, they gain revenue from the success of AST.

AirSwap puts no threshold on trading limits, it doesn’t require registration to trade, and it will never request personal data that could get compromised.

How Does AirSwap Work?

AirSwap leverages blockchain technology and smart contract to create a frictionless marketplace for peer-to-peer trading. This exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. However, it works differently to other decentralized ones. It allows users to remain completely anonymous when using the platform to trade coins or swap them. The platform does not collect personal data or sensitive data from traders. The platform does not have the obligation to protect these information by partnering third-party service providers.

The main source of revenue for the platform is AirSwap crypto coins, the AST (or AirSwap tokens), and AirSwap cryptocurrency coin. There are no fees for withdrawals or deposits. It is responsible for promoting the adoption of AirSwap tokens. It distributes the AirSwap token in order to allow users to pay for platform utilities. Token buyers can visit the website ( to learn how to purchase tokens and then trade using simple steps.

AIP 7 (AirSwap Improvement Proposal) was voted on by more than 8.45 millions AST. Users were invited to vote for current proposals via the voting page with AST.

AirSwap Features

Part of the Ethereum blockchain, AirSwap utilizes all of the commonplace coins like Ethereum, stablecoins, and ERC20 tokens alongside a collection of altcoins and customization options. Regardless, ASP leads AirSwap’s success as an exchange. With no fees or trading limits, traders can fully take advantage of whatever decentralized finance tools they need.

As mentioned in this AirSwap review, AirSwap offers a clean user interface, making it simple for even newcomers to the crypto space to get involved on a DEX. You mostly need to determine how much you’re willing to buy or sell, and the interface takes care of the rest.

AirSwap’s automation allows users to negotiate for the best prices and offers, letting them play out while they’re away or asleep. Still, you must take care to confirm each trade within a three-minute window after selecting, but from there, you can sit back and relax.

Swap Protocols

Part of how AirSwap keeps its network free is through Swap Protocol. The protocol uses the Ethereum blockchain to execute trades by utilizing smart contracts. Doing so allows for automatic swaps and gives traders a speedy turnaround—down to hundredths of a second.

This protocol allows for the trading of ERC20 tokens. It allows traders to identify and find counterparties that have high trading potentials. The protocol allows them to negotiate trades with these counterparts and establish private communication. The protocol also makes it possible to execute on-chain trades. You can just make a trade and publish the link publicly, even if you do not have a particular counterparty available on the other side, utilizing social media previews that reveal the deal itself.

Every trade takes place at the protocol level of the network. A “maker” sets the bid price and a taker accepts it. The bid price is paid to the maker by the takers. The platform launched professional tools in 2018 to attract institutional investors to its DEX Ethereum token exchange (DEX). Swap Protocol is an “automatic-escrow” in decentralized financing that allows you to trade any tokenized asset on Ethereum network. new virtual tokens. Swap Protocol is an Ethereum smart contract that allows transaction-free trading. It conducts trades once both parties are satisfied with it.

AirSwap uses swap protocol through the AirSwap Index and Oracle features rather than opting for a standard order book. Index allows traders to interface with the exchange, giving information about what trades they wish to execute. Oracle develops a price listing based on the user’s command.

AirSwap Token (AST)

It’s not an AirSwap review without mention of the AST. AST is basically a token for professional market makers, on the AirSwap decentralized exchange. While not highlighted on the exchange, you can find it across many exchanges that carry ERC20 support. Overall, AST gets used as an underlying ancillary asset. AST token is also utilized for testing traders are known for front running.

AirSwap gains liquidity when people swap with AST by taking home percentages. Individuals do not need to be creators to provide liquidity. Users can add liquidity while staking AST.

Users with over 250 AST can opt to provide the platform with liquidity, locking up their digital assets for at least one week. AST will cap at 500 million tokens with 170 million in circulation currently. Often, daily trading volumes surpass eight million.

Because it doesn’t control users funds, the platform is decentralized. Trading execution takes place via smart contracts and order books. The decentralized exchange allows users to trade freely. The ability to trade with other counterparties off-chain is a benefit for users.

This platform offers the advantage of decentralized exchanges, in that the users have complete control over their money up to the trade is complete. At that point either one or both parties will receive the goods they traded for.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

As stated earlier in the AirSwap review, the exchange uses the Ethereum ecosystem, making the platform exclusive to ERC tokens and other assets running on the same tech. So, you can’t buy Bitcoin on this platform. Some of the supported digital currencies include:

  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Uniswap (UNI)
  • OMG Network (OMG)
  • Augur (REP)
  • DAO Maker (DAO)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ether (ETH)
  • AirSwap token
  • Augur Coin
  • Ox Protocol
  • Aelf
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Binance Coin
  • Bloom token
  • Dai (DAI)
  • DigixDAO
  • Enjin Coin
  • Decentraland Token
  • Kyber Network Coin
  • Grid+ Coin
  • OmiseGO Coin
  • RChain Token

As a DEX, AirSwap does not provide fiat support. But it’s a good thing that it supports trading pairs.

Supported Crypto Wallets

As expected with a DEX, AirSwap utilizes a non-custodial infrastructure that does not collect or house any currencies, funds, or related assets, meaning the platform does not offer a crypto wallet. But a third party mobile app crypto wallet service provider called Free Wallet offers Airswap wallet which is available on Android and iPhone. Still, users retain complete control of their private keys, making the individual responsible for their upkeep and security.

You need a reliable wallet to start trading on AirSwap or any other decentralized exchange, but you have a lot of options.

A hardware wallet is popular and safe because it gives entry-level users and veterans a great solution. These hold your assets offline, making it impossible to compromise your data unless you’re plugged in.

Software and online wallets work well, too, as they offer an added layer of convenience. Of course, this comes at the cost of safety, as your assets are online and susceptible to hacks. AirSwap supports all the latest software, online, and hardware wallets.

AirSwap Key Features

AirSwap’s team top priorities include a forward-thinking user experience, allowing newcomers and pros alike to thrive using their infrastructure. Some notable features include:

  • AirSwap takes no trading fees, withdrawal fees, or deposit fees, making trading more instant and real-time. While we’ve stated it previously in the AirSwap review, this factor alone accounts for much of AirSwap’s traffic.
  • Swap protocol and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are extensible.
  • Token projects have endorsed AirSwap OTC, allowing traders to trust that their community uses a safe OTC trading solution. This system provides trading without the need for a third party. Coupled with the seamless interface, users can engage in orders quickly and effectively, taking advantage of smart contracts.
  • Smart contracts allow trades to happen without both users existing. If you were to sell a coin on AirSwap, the transaction would immediately go through, even before someone places an order for your trade. Internal systems balance the smart contracts that keep the funds going in and out on the site at equilibrium.
  • Funds deposited on AirSwap are under the control of the user. With AirSwap, you’re met with no deposit limits. Overall, enjoy flexibility, especially with all the coins supported on the network.
  • You can sign up for the platform, but you are not required to do so. This feature allows you to jump into the crypto arena so long as you have your wallet. AirSwap has so few security risks because no user has to offer so much as a password on their behalf.
  • AirSwap boasts tremendous liquidity, handling million-dollar trades and much more.
  • You can view the trading activity as a marquee across the header, fully accessible via the trades section. This visibility gives you extra insight, allowing you to track trends easily.
  • With zero counterparty risk, the Airswap platform could revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry.
  • AirSwap is compatible with some of the most sought after crypto wallets out there, such as imToken, MetaMask, Gnosis, Argent, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, and Trezor.

Is AirSwap Safe?

Hackers tend to avoid decentralized exchanges due to their non-custodial infrastructure. Michael Oved, co-founder of AirSwap, said, “Funds on AirSwap are not held in a centralized account and therefore cannot be hacked.” Hackers would have to expend a lot of effort to get into the exchange for little result, especially since AirSwap’s servers are not conglomerated. Even still, DEXs have no records, assets, or funds to be taken.

Regardless, AirSwap takes security extremely seriously, especially to prevent scams. Spreading the servers adequately prevents breaches, and no hacker can access and dismantle AirSwap’s network.

AirSwap is trusted and widely used by industry professionals. Currently, the trading platform houses million-dollar trades from the United States and elsewhere. You never risk compromising your digital security because you do not enter any personal information.

AirSwap Regulatory Aspect

All smart contracts created on Ethereum blockchain are fully regulated. Sellers and buyers can instantly pair up and trade under no central authority. Initial attempts by regulators to block the AST token ICO were unsuccessful. The ICO ban was lifted and AirSwap was declared a legitimate platform by the US regulators. It is being closely monitored by crypto regulators worldwide, particularly for the circulation of platform-native tokens and new digital tokens. It does not support fraudulent activities.

Customer Support

Fluidity and Consensys manage the customer support department behind AirSwap. These teams manage the privacy of transactional data. AirSwap realized the importance of providing responsive support for crypto exchanges early on. AirSwap has a 24/7 live chat service and a dedicated FAQ Section. This creates trustworthiness. They are also familiar with handling technical issues related to the ETH blockchain. The exchange is a leader in customer support in the cryptocurrency industry. AirSwap supports English only as the primary language of communication.

AirSwap Pros and Cons


  • Zero fees across the board
  • No limits for deposits and withdrawals
  • Very low fees crypto trading facilities
  • Enables tradingview price charts and historical market data
  • Utilizes the highest level of security by running on the Ethereum network blockchain
  • Does not require users to sign up, streamlining entering the fray
  • Boasts one of the most user-friendly and ergonomic designs in the industry
  • High liquidity quotient of exchange


  • You cannot trade fiat currencies such as Euro (EUR) and GBP although this is common for other DEXs
  • Some major stable coins don’t appear in AirSwap, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Doesn’t support margin trading

AirSwap Review FAQ

Can I Buy AST Tokens With Cash?

You cannot get AST with fiat purchases, meaning cash won’t work. Still, you can go through a third party to transfer USD into a popular cryptocurrency you can exchange for AST. While roundabout, this is the only entry point into trading AST, unless you already have crypto stock you’re willing to make liquid.

What Is Fluidity?

Fluidity is a company with expertise in blockchain protocols and technology that runs AirSwap and oversees offerings and development. The platform provides users with tokenized security and real-estate token options.

What Payment Methods Does AirSwap Supports?

The platform supports crypto wallets that run on Ethereum’s blockchain. This is the only method of payment that this platform accepts for trading. So, no direct credit card, bank account and bank transfer for cryptocurrency trading.

Airswap Exchange Review for Australia

Are you an Australian crypto trader looking for a well-known decentralized crypto exchange? Well, why not try Airswap? It’s perfect for both beginners and advanced traders alike!

AirSwap, a cryptocurrency exchange launched by a US-based startup within the Decentralized Finance domain. This platform is primarily used to exchange relatively new cryptocurrencies and crypto coins as well platform-native tokens. It offers unique features that are not available on other decentralized and centralized exchanges. Its coin, a native cryptocurrency token, has made it more popular. Users can trade Ethereum tokens with each other through the platform. You can also plan your investment or purchase with our Ethereum price prediction.

It does not charge trading fees, withdrawal fees, or deposits fees like other decentralized exchanges. It does not have any restrictions on withdrawals or deposits and it doesn’t impose swap limits. AirSwap users are not required to sign up to use its features. This exchange is extremely secure for crypto investors, and offers a great user experience, particularly for large trading volumes.

AirSwap, unlike other decentralized exchanges is a service provider that can be used independently. AirSwap does not use third party assistance to store or manage traders’ funds. The exchange gives users complete control over their crypto funds. Users can trade directly with different parties without the need to register for an account.

AirSwap leverages blockchain technology and smart contract to create a frictionless marketplace for peer-to-peer direct trading. This exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. However, it works differently to other decentralized ones. It allows users to remain completely anonymous when using the platform to trade coins or swap them. The platform does not collect personal data or sensitive data from traders. The platform does not have the obligation to protect these information by partnering third-party service suppliers.

The main source of revenue for the platform is AirSwap crypto coins, the AST (or AirSwap tokens), and AirSwap cryptocurrency coin. There are no fees for withdrawals or deposits. It is responsible for promoting the adoption of AirSwap tokens. It distributes the AirSwap token in order to allow users to pay for platform utilities.

AirSwap is a global exchange that operates its services at a higher level than other decentralized exchanges on the market. They are located in various parts of the US or Europe. These servers are managed by top industry professionals. The platform guarantees low-risk server outages. The platform is available 24/7 and, unlike other decentralized and centralized exchanges or exchanges, is almost immune to any crypto attacks. The platform doesn’t suffer from any downtime if one or more servers are unavailable. The largest trading volume on Ethereum Blockchain keeps the exchange active.

This exchange is similar to other market exchanges and does not touch the assets of traders. It does not have the power to manage or govern its traders’ funds. Hackers cannot access crypto transactional data, credentials like public keys or private keys, nor can they retrieve these transactions. Hackers cannot therefore access crypto assets on the platform. It is therefore virtually invulnerable to cyber attacks.

AirSwap, which uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer trading, is a rapidly growing decentralized exchange. You can withdraw and deposit freely, with no transaction fees. To protect anonymity, it is an anonymous trading platform that does not require users to sign up. AirSwap offers 24/7 support for its traders.

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Airswap Exchange Review for Canada

AirSwap is an American-based startup that offers cryptocurrency exchanges in the Decentralized Financing (DeFi) sector. The platform works primarily as an exchange for platform-native tokens and crypto coins that are relatively new. This unique platform offers features beyond those offered by other decentralized exchanges or centralized ones. The coin that is its native crypto token has made it increasingly popular. It allows users to trade Ethereum tokens between each other. Our Ethereum price prediction makes it easy to plan whether you should invest or buy.

It charges no trading fees or withdrawal fees as compared to other decentralized exchanges. It doesn’t have any restrictions regarding withdrawals, deposits, or swaps. AirSwap is not required for users to sign up in order to access its features. This exchange is highly secure and provides great user experiences, especially for high volumes of trading.

AirSwap operates independently of other decentralized exchanges. It doesn’t use third-party services to store or manage the funds of traders. Users can manage their crypto funds in full control of the exchange. The platform does not require account registration. Users can execute trades between different parties directly and remain anonymous.

AirSwap is a marketplace that allows peer-to–peer trading and uses blockchain technology. Although it is a crypto exchange that operates decentralizedly, it functions quite differently to other exchanges. This platform allows users to remain anonymous while trading coins and using it for other purposes, unlike a centralized exchange. Platform does not collect any personal information or user-sensitive data of traders. This means that the platform is not required to protect such information by partnering up with third-party providers.

AirSwap crypto coin (the AST or AirSwap tokens) is the main source for revenue generation on the platform. The platform charges no fees for deposits or withdrawals. It promotes the adoption and use of AirSwap coins. It circulates AirSwap tokens to assist users in paying for platform utilities.

AirSwap’s services are more global than the other decentralized market exchanges. They are distributed in different areas of the US and Europe. These servers are secured by industry leaders. This ensures that the platform has low-risk server downtime. It is therefore available 24 hours a day, and unlike other decentralized or centralized exchanges, it is practically immune to all types of crypto attacks. It doesn’t matter if one or two servers go offline. The Ethereum blockchain has the highest trading volume, so the exchange continues to run.

The exchange does not touch any of the traders’ assets, just like other exchanges on the market. It is not able to control or manage the funds of traders. Hackers can’t retrieve crypto transactional information or credentials, such as private keys and public keys. Hackers can’t access the crypto assets stored on the platform. This makes it almost immune to cyber attacks.

AirSwap is a decentralized exchange in its growth. It uses smart contracts and blockchain technology for peer-to–peer trade. It allows for free withdrawals and deposits, as well as no transaction fees. It’s a free platform for trading that allows users to remain anonymous. AirSwap provides 24/7 support for traders.

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Airswap Exchange Review for United Kingdom (UK)

AirSwap a US-based startup operating in the Decentralized Financial (DeFi), domain is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange. The platform serves as an exchange platform for new crypto coins and platform native tokens. It’s a unique platform with features beyond those offered by centralized or decentralized exchanges. It is becoming more and more popular because of its coin, the native cryptocurrency token. This platform allows users trade Ethereum tokens one-to-one. Our Ethereum price prediction will help you decide whether to buy or invest.

It doesn’t charge trading fees and no fees for withdrawals or deposits, which is a significant advantage over other decentralized exchanges. It doesn’t place any restrictions on deposits, withdrawals or swaps. AirSwap does not require users to sign-up in order to take advantage of its features. This exchange offers crypto investors high levels of security and a fantastic user experience, especially when trading volume is high.

AirSwap can be referred to as a standalone service provider, which is unlike other decentralized exchanges. It does not require third-party assistance for the storage and management of the funds. The crypto funds of users on the exchange can be managed by them directly. They can conduct trading directly between different parties, and they remain anonymous since the platform hasn’t required them to sign up for an account.

AirSwap makes peer-to peer trading frictionless and free of fees using blockchain technology. This crypto exchange functions differently from other decentralized exchanges. Users can use the platform for trading and swapping crypto coins in complete anonymity, as opposed to centralized exchanges. This means that the platform doesn’t collect the personal information of traders or other sensitive data. Therefore, the platform doesn’t have to partner with third party service providers in order to protect this information.

AirSwap crypto currency, the AST, or AirSwap tokens, is the primary source of revenue generation for this platform. There are no fees to withdraw money or deposit funds. It helps to promote the adoption of AirSwap. It distributes AirSwap tokens in order to assist users with paying for platform utilities.

AirSwap has a global service, which is different from other decentralized exchanges. They are scattered across the US and Europe. These servers are protected by industry leaders. Because of this, there is very little risk of a server going down. This makes it virtually invulnerable to crypto attacks. Even if one or two servers fail, it doesn’t affect the platform. The Ethereum blockchain is the most active Ethereum blockchain.

As with other exchanges, it does not access the assets of its traders. It doesn’t have the ability to oversee or manage its traders’ funds. Hackers are unable to access crypto transactional data and credentials, such public keys and private key. Hackers are unable to access crypto assets. This makes it virtually immune to cyber attack.

AirSwap can be described as a decentralized, growing exchange that uses blockchain technology. Smart contracts are used to allow peer-to.peer trade. AirSwap offers no transaction fees and free withdrawals and deposits. It’s a free platform for trading that allows users to remain anonymous. AirSwap Exchange provides 24/7 support for traders.

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A Few Words Before You Go

We hope this AirSwap review has given you a better sense of the exchange, AST, and how you can enter the crypto scene with one of the hottest DEXs available. While DEXs aren’t for everyone and come with a high skill floor, learning the system is rewarding and can yield tremendous financial results for those with even a little tech expertise. is a decentralized exchange that excels in peer-to-peer trading. is able support traders with high trading volumes who wish to trade on Ethereum networks without any market cap. AirSwap allows users to trade with minimal slippage and no trading fees.

The best part about AirSwap is you can start as soon as you have your wallet. There’s no shame in making a few trades to get started and taking it slow or opting out after a few exchanges. Whatever you do, take the time to research beforehand—you’ll thank yourself later.

If you’re looking to get started with cryptos, you should opt for a DEX and get on the massive wave that has broken off from CEXs. And few in that department have as many advantages as AirSwap. Check out AirSwap and start trading today.


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