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The 10 Best International Crypto Exchanges

Each year, more people are investing in cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity, it helps to know the pros and cons of each international crypto exchange before making investment commitments.

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The beauty of cryptocurrency is that there are thousands of coins you can invest in. Each carries varying degrees of risk. We can help you determine which international exchanges are the best for your portfolio.

Here are the ten best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world where you can buy and sell digital currencies.

#1 - Coinbase’s Crypto Exchange

Undoubtedly, Coinbase sits at the top of our best international crypto exchanges list. Coinbase is one of the oldest crypto companies globally, opening its doors in 2012. Therefore, they know the market better than any of their competitors.

One of the perks of trading with Coinbase is it is user-friendly. For first-time crypto investors, Coinbase is the perfect platform to open your first digital wallet. Its crypto brokerage allows you to buy several digital currencies with your debit card, bank account, bank transfer, PayPal, or wire transfer. Note that there is a fee associated with using your debit card to purchase crypto.

Coinbase also offers a premium membership, allowing veteran cryptocurrency investors to trade freely. The Bay Area company is among the leaders in bringing more awareness to crypto and digital currencies.

Coinbase allows investors from over 100 countries to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, there are different trading options for each country. You can check what your trade restrictions are on the Coinbase website.

There are over 30 cryptocurrencies available to trade on the Coinbase exchange. These currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

The Coinbase mobile app may be the best crypto app on the market. It features an easy-to-use interface and allows you to trade crypto instantly.

The crypto exchange company also offers its own debit card, making crypto trading easier for its members. The Visa debit card allows you to make purchases with your cryptocurrency.

The biggest problem that people seem to have with Coinbase is its complex fee structure. While users can view how much each transaction costs, there are other upfront fees associated with the trades that you may overlook.

Crypto traders who love Coinbase but would like more charting features and advanced trading may way to look at the exchange’s other platform called Coinbase Pro.

Overall, Coinbase is the leader in crypto trading for many reasons. For new crypto investors, using Coinbase is a no-brainer.

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Exchange at a glance
Coinbase details

100+ countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
160+ Cryptocurrencies

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#2 - Binance’s International Crypto Exchange Trade Market


Another company looking to make a run at the top spot in crypto is Binance. Binance is making a comeback following a tumultuous first few years of existence.

Originating in China, the company’s headquarters are now in Malta. Currently, Malta is establishing itself as a hub for crypto companies.

Binance offers crypto trading for investors from all countries. It also owns a subsidiary for U.S.-based traders, entitled Binance US.

One of the benefits of investing with Binance is it offers a sizable collection of over 150 currencies. Knowledgeable crypto investors love that the platform allows them to trade popular coins, such as Bitcoin, XRP, and rare currencies like IOTA. Binance is also one of the top crypto exchanges that has very low fees.

Binance specializes in crypto exchanges. However, the platform now allows users to buy Bitcoin with an eligible Visa debit card. This feature enables investors to instantly transfer their cryptocurrencies from their digital wallets to their Visa cards.

The crypto exchange also accepts 30+ different currencies, allowing investors from many countries to reap the benefits of its platform.

One of the best perks of using Binance for your crypto transactions is its low transaction fees. Unlike Coinbase, investors rave about how inexpensive it is to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance. Binance also lets its users pay fees with crypto! Binance also supports API, which is perfect for developers out there.

The one thing keeping Binance from ascending this list is its U.S. subsidiary still needs work. The exchange has also had issues with account verification and KYC. Once the company puts more time into Binance US, you will see positive results.

Binance is a growing crypto exchange that is improving each year. You can expect it to have a chance at the number one spot on this list next year.

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Exchange at a glance
Binance details


Over 42 currencies


Available Cryptocurrencies:
600+ Cryptocurrencies

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#3 - Kraken’s Crypto Coin Exchange Trade

Kraken is a crypto exchange market originating in 2011. It has over a decade of experience helping people from the U.S., U.K, Japan, Canada, and many other countries add to their crypto portfolios.

Most countries can access Kraken’s vast cryptocurrency exchange market. Note that Washington and New York residents cannot invest with Kraken currently.

Kraken is digging out a niche for itself with experienced buyers. The platform offers advanced large-volume trade options and liquidity for futures. If you are unfamiliar with crypto futures, opt for a crypto exchange like Coinbase that caters to beginner investors.

Users praise Kraken for its attention to digital wallet security. The company’s founder, Jesse Powell, is one of the most respected cyber security professionals globally.

Transaction fees for Kraken range from .16% to .26%. Withdrawal fees range from $0 to $35. You can find over 30 types of digital currencies on the Kraken trading platform.

Another benefit of Kraken is it allows its users to open a personal and business crypto wallet. Many companies now offer crypto investment plans for their employees. Kraken is an ideal platform for business managers looking to incentivize their workers.

While Kraken offers affordable non-instant transaction fees, their instant transaction fees can be high. It is one of the drawbacks of the international crypto exchange. If you are a crypto trader who likes to make several transactions daily, there are better crypto trade markets out there for you.

Kraken users can also execute crypto derivatives trading strategies and trade cryptocurrency using margin.

Kraken is still a growing company. Currently, the brand has over 6 million users, paling when comparing it to Coinbase (56 million) and Binance (15 million). However, Kraken is one of the most reliable platforms and offers many benefits to advanced traders.

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Exchange at a glance
Kraken details



0.9% to 1.5% fee

Available Cryptocurrencies:
144+ Cryptocurrencies

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#4 - Bittrex’s Crypto Exchange Trading Platform

Bittrex offers another intriguing crypto exchange platform. The ownership team at Bittrex has a reputable pedigree, coming from companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Bittrex is available in almost every country globally, offering over 190 types of crypto coins for its users. The crypto company allows crypto investors to deposit and withdraw using a Visa or Mastercard debit card. This feature comes with a 3% trade fee.

The more you trade with Bittrex, the more you save on transaction fees. If you have a 30-day trade volume of over $50,000, you will receive a discount on your transaction fee.

Bittrex’s security technology is among the most capable in the crypto industry. Its two-factor authentication ensures that nobody else can access your digital asset portfolio.

Similar to Kraken, Bittrex is an exceptional crypto platform for businesses. You can set up a comprehensive corporate investment plan on Bittrex.

An additional perk of investing with Bittrex is you may earn up to 10% commission on your referred friend’s trades.

One of the negatives that crypto investors claim about Bittrex is they do not have efficient customer support service. It can be hard to contact their service team, and many questions are unanswered.

Also, the crypto company does not have many resources for those looking to learn about cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, many first-time Bitcoin investors do not use the Bittrex platform to trade.

Please note that Bittrex is unavailable to Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and Hawaii investors. Also, it installs a $3 minimum trade requirement.

If you are an experienced crypto trader looking for a secure, reliable trading platform, Bittrex is a quality choice. The company will keep your digital portfolio safe, and you can purchase over 100 different coins on the trading platform.

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Exchange at a glance
Bittrex details



0.35% standard fee

Available Cryptocurrencies:

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#5 - Bitfinex’s International Crypto Exchange Platform

Bitfinex is another emerging crypto company that is on the rise. The Hong Kong crypto conglomerate dates back to 2012 at the start of cryptocurrency trading.

Bitfinex offers over 100 types of digital coins for its crypto traders. However, the company does have limited payment options that dissuade many investors.

The online marketplace offers fair transaction rates for its buyers and sellers. It lists its buyer rate at .2% and its maker rate at .1%.

Bitfinex accepts payments in four different currencies; The U.S. Dollar, Euros, Pounds, and Yen. The crypto company also offers fiat currency trading and withdrawals.

We recommend Bitfinex for experienced traders who want to take advantage of the platform’s advanced features. These features include person-to-person financing, margin trading, and more.

One thing that customers love about Bitfinex is its ethics. In 2016, there was a sizable crypto hack. Millions of investors lost all their cryptocurrencies from hackers. Many other crypto trading companies did not pay these people back. However, Bitfinex was not one of them. The crypto company made sure each investor got their cryptocurrencies back.

Bitfinex is one of the leading non-U.S. crypto markets globally. It offers fast withdrawal times, allowing investors to liquefy a digital asset instantly. Typically, you can withdraw a cryptocurrency from the platform within 2 hours.

However, Bitfinex is dealing with a sizable issue. For the past five years, U.S. investors have not been able to use the platform for crypto trading. This issue arises from negotiation problems with U.S. authorities.

Also, Bitfinex is not a regulated exchange. This fact has many investors shying away from the crypto platform.

Until it can resolve these issues, we cannot see Bitfinex moving toward the top of this list.

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Exchange at a glance
Bitfinex details




Available Cryptocurrencies:
199+ cryptocurrencies

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#6 - Gemini’s Coin Exchange

Gemini’s crypto exchange is growing in popularity each year. Its founders are the Winklevoss twins, who many believe had a lot to do with the early success of Facebook.

Gemini is among the most famous crypto exchanges in the US States. Security is their bread and butter. It is the first American crypto market to gain a license from the NYDFS. Plus, many security experts claim Gemini is the most secure crypto exchange available to investors.

Most countries can access the Gemini platform. You can purchase digital currencies on Gemini with crypt or fiat.

One of the things that makes Gemini stand out is its use of USB private keys. Most crypto companies use password-encrypted security codes to protect their customers’ crypto portfolios. By using a USB drive, the only way to access your funds is by inserting your flash drive into a computer.

The Gemini platform is user-friendly, making it ideal for first-time investors. However, they also offer advanced features that appeal to experienced Crypto traders.

The Gemini crypto exchange is still growing. Currently, they offer around 50 different types of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

A minor fault with Gemini is it has higher fees than many other crypto exchanges like and Robinhood. However, it is one of the only crypto trade markets available to customers in all 50 states. Plus, there is no account minimum.

If you trade over $100 within your first month of being a Gemini customer, you will receive $20 worth of Bitcoin.

Gemini is an international crypto exchange to keep an eye on. The Winklevoss brothers seem to know what they are doing, and we would not be surprised to see Gemini move up a few spots next year.

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Exchange at a glance
Gemini Details

60+ countries


Dependent on 30-day trading volume

Available Cryptocurrencies:
50+ cryptocurrencies

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#7 - Coinmama Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Platform

Coinmama logo

Coinmama’s cryptocurrency exchange is the second most user-friendly trading platform available to crypto traders. The Slovakian company provides a simple user interface that makes interacting with its website seamless for beginners.

Most sanctions do not put a restriction on the coinmama exchange. Apart from Syria and North Korea, customers can trade with coinmama freely.

The Israeli brand is an innovator in the crypto space. It was the first to allow customers to use debit cards to purchase Bitcoin. Also, they have a deal with Apple, allowing customers to buy digital currencies with Apple Pay. Coinmama attaches a 5% fee to its debit and credit card transactions.

Coinmama’s minimum buy amount is $30 per transaction.

One of the drawbacks of the coinmama crypto exchange is it is a buy-only market, meaning you cannot sell crypto on its platform. Also, it does not offer as many digital coins as other crypto marketplaces. However, the more crypt you buy on the trading platform, the more you save on transaction fees.

Also, Coinmama does not offer digital wallets for its customers. You cannot securely store the cryptocurrencies you buy on the trading platform. Therefore, we recommend getting a physical wallet (cold storage) to carry your currencies.

If Coinmama offered lower fees to its customers, it would be higher on this list. However, 5% is a significant number for many crypto investors. Also, it does not have an iOS mobile app, which is a tough sell for customers today.

The lack of crypto-to-crypto trading pairs concerns crypto traders. With a few changes, Coinmama can be a leading international crypto exchange. However, we cannot currently place them higher than #7 on our list.

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Exchange at a glance
Coinmama details




Available Cryptocurrencies:
7 Cryptocurrencies

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#8 -’s International Crypto Exchange

cex is a growing global trade platform, increasing profit each year since 2013. The U.K. crypto company welcomes customers from over 250 countries and has offices in many European locations. abides by many regulatory codes, such as FinCEN. Its executives involve themselves with Crypto U.K., working directly with regulatory bodies to maintain the progress of cryptocurrency.

Currently, offers over ten cryptocurrencies and accepts multiple forms of payment. Some of these payment types include USD, GBP, EUR, and crypto.

The company charges a transaction fee of 2.99% for debit and credit card payments. However, other forms of payment are fee-free.

The U.K. crypto brand abides by the maker and taker payment policy. Taker fees depend upon how often you make crypto transactions. also offers an easy-to-navigate iOS and Android mobile app for crypto customers. is a reliable platform perfect for beginner traders and experienced crypto investors alike. It is a secure trading market that allows you to buy, sell, and store digital currencies. also offers unlimited withdrawals on its crypto exchange. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for experienced traders who make several transactions each day.

We would like to see have better customer service for its users. Many traders claim it takes forever to hear back from the crypto company. So the overall user experience when it comes to customer support service is not that great.

The thing holding back is its limited crypto selection. Once it starts selling more cryptocurrencies, expect to become more popular. However, they also must expand to more states. Currently, only 28 states can access’s crypto platform.

Also, it must improve its margin trading feature and functionality. Currently, it remains in beta mode, inaccessible to the public.

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Exchange at a glance Details

174 Countries



Available Cryptocurrencies:
65+ Cryptocurrencies


#9 - eToro’s International Cryptocurrency Exchange

eToro logo

eToro offers many benefits to those that use its cryptocurrency exchange. First, it has brand name recognition. eToro has been a reputable investment brand for over 15 years. Now, crypto is at the center of its attention.

There is a lot to like about eToro’s cryptocurrency exchange. First, its international coverage is second to none. It abides by regulations in each country that it does business in, making it a reliable trading forum no matter where you live. Because it abides by many different regulation codes, its transaction fees change daily.

Plus, eToro offers close to 100 different cryptocurrencies to its customers. You can buy, sell, or trade on the eToro crypto platform. It also support crypto staking for some crypto coins

Another benefit of the Etoro digital currency platform is making deposits for free. You can submit fiat currency deposits from payment methods such as Visa debit or credit card.

eToro offers digital wallets that allow customers to buy, sell, and trade crypto from their smartphones. Also, its security is top-notch, enabling customers to store their digital currencies securely.

One of the principal selling points of eToro is it allows you to copy the investment strategies of professional crypto investors. Therefore, it is one of the safest ways to launch your crypto portfolio.

eToro enlists a $10 account minimum for transactions.

eToro is a top-notch crypto trading platform that we recommend for beginner investors who want to mirror the investments of professionals. It is also ideal for customers who like to invest in multiple assets. If you don’t wan to try decentralized exchanges, then centralized exchanges such as eToro is for you! But if you really want to stick to DEXs and DeFi, check out this guide about the best decentralized crypto exchanges.

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Exchange at a glance
eToro details



Daily Fees

Available Cryptocurrencies:
90+ Cryptocurrencies

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#10 - Changelly’s Crypto Market Exchange

Culminating our top 10 list is the Czech Republic’s Changelly digital exchange platform. This top cryptocurrency’s strength lies in the fact that it has no geographical bounds.

Changelly has among the largest selections of digital assets and altcoins. From obscure crypto to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you can find the digital currency you are looking for on Changelly.

One of the intriguing things about Changelly’s exchange platform is it is user-reliant, meaning there is no authoritative body that impacts trading. It is a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together.

Changelly has a .25% fee associated with traded cryptocurrency.

It features one of the most seamless registration processes out of all the crypto exchanges. All you do is register your email address on its website, and you will have an account.

We do not recommend Changelly for those looking to trade Bitcoin with fiat due to the high trading fees. Also, with ever-changing rates, it is hard to compute your final transaction amount. Still, if you want a crypto platform with no regulations, Changelly is among the best international crypto exchanges.

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Exchange at a glance
Changelly Details




Available Cryptocurrencies:
200+ cryptocurrencies

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