Last update: Jun 28, 2022

Best Crypto Debit Card Australia

Crypto debit cards allow you to spend Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, e.g. Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ripple (XRP) anywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Unlike the case with fiat currencies, there are no crypto credit cards. Spending crypto using cards offers greater convenience than having to go through the trouble of changing crypto to fiat before spending. Furthermore, users can enjoy cheaper transactions, blockchain-powered security, and take advantage of lots of exciting offers. So, what’s the best way to spend your crypto debit card Australia?

Crypto payment cards are typically issued by crypto exchanges, with each exchange having its own terms of use. In Australia, users can get their Bitcoin plastic or virtual cards from one of several exchanges. In this article, we will look at the best options available in the country today. (MCO VISA card)


The wallet is also an exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and pay with your crypto. You can use the app to buy over 90 different coins, you can get a metal VISA card with 8% cashback, and you can earn interest on the crypto you hold.

If you’re ready to make your crypto work for you, download the app on Android or iOS today!

Visit issues payment cards (branded MCO Visa Card) that run on the Visa network.

This enables customers to use the cards on any merchant that accepts Visa.

Contrary to what you may expect, this card does not automatically exchange your crypto to AUD at the point of purchase. Instead, you will need to sell your digital currencies for fiat money before spending.

Card options

The MCO card comes in a variety of flavors as follows:

  • Midnight Blue – Offered free of charge.
  • Ruby Steel (metal card) – You need to stake 2,500 CRO ( token). At the time of writing, 1 CRO = AUD 0.091574. Staking means locking your funds on the platform for at least 6 months.
  • Royal Indigo (metal card) – You need to stake 25,000 CRO.
  • Icy White (metal card) – You need to stake 250,000 CRO.
  • Obsidian Black (metal card) – You need to stake 2,500,000 CRO.


mco card

It is important to understand the card options available to take advantage of the different benefits that each package comes with. Users receive rewards as cashback when they shop using the card.

On selected merchants, some cards offer up to 100% cashback. The data below summarizes rewards that come with the use of these cards.

Obsidian black

  • CRO rewards when you pay with card: 8%
  • Spotify: 100%
  • Netflix: 100%
  • Amazon prime: 100%
  • Expedia: 10%

Icy white

  • CRO rewards when you pay with card: 5%
  • Spotify: 100%
  • Netflix: 100%
  • Amazon prime: 100%

Royal indigo

  • CRO rewards when you pay with card: 3%
  • Spotify: 100%
  • Netflix: 100%

Ruby Steel

  • CRO rewards when you pay with card: 2%
  • Spotify: 100%


Limits apply for the different card tiers as follows:

Obsidian Black

  • Monthly withdrawal: $,1000 max
  • Interbank exchange rates monthly limit: Unlimited

Icy White

  • Monthly withdrawal: $,1000 max
  • Monthly interbank exchange rates: $20,000 max

Royal indigo

  • Monthly withdrawal: $,800
  • Interbank exchange rates monthly limit: $10,000

Ruby steel

  • Monthly withdrawal: $,400 max
  • Interbank exchange rates monthly limit: $4,000

Midnight Blue

  • ATM monthly withdrawal limit: $ 200
  • Interbank exchange rates monthly limit: $2,000

Other benefits

Icy White and Obsidian Black cardholders enjoy other benefits such as airport lounge access for up to 1 guest, 10% off on Airbnb, bonus interest, and an exclusive merchandise welcome pack.

CoinJar Swipe

Coinjar Swipe

Coinjar Swipe is a debit card, launched by Coinjar that allows users to spend their bitcoin just like any other fiat currency. The card is accepted at nearly a million retailers throughout Australia. Coinjar Swipe supports 20 of the more popular coins on the market, so get them while they last!

To get your Coinjar Swipe card, sign up for Coinjar, then choose the “Get Swipe’ option from the menu. Hurry and get yours today!

Visit Coinjar Swipe

Coinjar Swipe  is an Australian-founded debit card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies at over 800,000 merchants with EFTPOS terminals.

You can also cash out from ATMs or merchants that offer card withdrawals. At the moment, this card can only be used within Australia.


Coinjar Swipe has among the friendliest fees. The company does not charge a fee for activations, transactions, monthly maintenance, or even’ inactivity.’ The company notes that charges that appear on users’ statements are only for accounting purposes and do not affect their balances. The following is a breakdown of Coinjar Swipe’s fees:

  • Ordering the card – $29 for printing and encoding
  • Reordering lost card – $29 for printing and encoding
  • Card, activation, loading funds, EFTPOS purchase/withdrawal, inactivity – $0
  • ATM withdrawal – Depends on the machine
  • Disputed transaction – $10 per dispute


coinjar swipe

Coinjar Swipe also imposes limits on the number of transactions, amount, and card balance as follows.

  • Total daily transactions (all types of transactions) – 25
  • Withdrawals – 10 times
  • Maximum daily top up – $999
  • Maximum daily spend – $999
  • Maximum card balance – $999

Cashback and other benefits

When it comes to rebates, cashback, and other benefits, Coinjar Swipe does not seem to have much of that. At the time of writing, the company did not have any cashback reward programs for its crypto debit card.

Club Swan Card

Crypto Card
Club Swan
We are Club Swan an alternative banking platform for crypto and traditional currencies combined with concierge services saving you up to 40% on travel, shopping, and experiences. Our card is unique as we cater to the higher end of the market.  We have one of the highest spend and funding limits and we can issue globally.
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Binance Visa card

Binance Visa card

With a Visa card from Binance, you can spend your cryptocurrencies at millions of merchants and retailers from around the world. All you have to do is move your digital coins to your card wallet and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that.

To learn more about the Binance Visa card and what it has to offer, visit the site. You can sign up, request your card, learn about perks, and much more.

Visit Binance Visa card

Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, introduced a payment card that its customers can use at any Visa-accepting merchant across the globe.

The Binance card automatically converts your crypto to the local currency at the point of sale. The card, which debuted in Europe in July, is now available in Australia.


Transaction fees and other charges on the Binance card are relatively low. Apart from the initial $15 charged when ordering the card, users are not charged for transactions or other administrative fees such as annual card maintenance.


binance visa card

The Binance card comes with generous cashback rewards. Depending on how much BNB (Binance coin) you stake in your Binance crypto wallet, you can earn up to 8% cashback.

Staking on Binance involves holding some BNB balance for 30 days. The actual cashback rates for an average stake (BNB held last 30 days) are as follows:

  • 0 BNB held last 30 days – 1%
  • 10 BNB held last 30 days – 2%
  • 50 BNB held last 30 days – 3%
  • 200 BNB held last 30 days – 4%
  • 500 BNB held last 30 days – 5%
  • 2,000 BNB held last 30 days – 6%
  • 6,000 BNB held last 30 days – 8%

Other benefits

One of the best features of the Binance card is that it allows you to keep HODLing your crypto, like you would save in your bank account, until such a time when you are ready to spend, and even then, only the amount spent is converted.

To add to the premium user experience, you can link your Binance Visa with Google Pay and Samsung Pay and use your crypto balance to pay for in-app purchases, online payments, contactless payments, and more.

Additionally, managing your card is a smooth experience facilitated by the Binance card mobile app.

Wirex Visa card

Wirex Visa card

Take control of your crypto by using the Wirex Visa card. With this card, you can use your cryptocurrency to make purchases at retailers around the world. Additionally, you’ll earn bitcoin rewards with every purchase you make. What’s not to like?

With support for more than 150 cryptocurrencies, the Wirex Visa card lets you spend like a local no matter where you are. Head on over to the website and get your today!

Visit Wirex Visa card

The Wirex card automatically allows you to convert over 12 cryptocurrencies right at the point of sale.

With this card, you hold your balances in crypto and shop without manually converting them to fiat, and all this can be done at any Visa-accepting merchant. The card is easily managed through the Wirex mobile app.


Compared with other companies, Wirex charges are above average. The card is issued free of charge, and so is the first replacement.

Anything after that will cost you 10 euros for each replacement. At the ATM, you will pay €2.25 plus 3% of the transaction value.

Card payments attract charges amounting to 3% of the transaction value. If your payment bounces due to insufficient funds, you will also be fined €0.06. Finally, balance inquiry costs €0.23.

Cashback and other benefits

wirex visa card

On cashbacks and rebates, the company offers a modest 1.5% cashback on purchases made with the card.

This is not the best rate in the market, but it’s better than nothing. The maximum amount you can hold in the Wirex card is USD 1,000.

Cryptopay visa card

Cryptopay Visa card

Cryptopay’s Visa card is a prepaid card that lets you spend your cryptocurrency at retailers worldwide. You can use your Cryptopay card anywhere Visa is accepted, which is pretty much anywhere you’re likely to go. Purchases are secured by Visa and with the Cryptopay app you can track your spending, balances, and more while you’re on the go.

Visit the Cryptopay card site and be among the first to order your prepaid Visa card.

The Cryptopay Visa card (stylized C.Pay), like most crypto cards, allows you to spend crypto at an outlet that accepts regular card payments, including billers supported by bpay.

C.Pay is one of the few crypto cards that is secured by Verified by Visa (you enter a password sent to your phone when shopping online). The card comes in plastic and virtual varieties.

Plastic cards are meant for use with physical points-of-sale, while the virtual card is more geared towards online payments.


crypto pay card

C.Pay’s charges are above market averages but still not the highest. The figures below summarize the charges.

  • Virtual card initial issuance – Free (offer price)
  • Plastic card initial issuance – €5 (offer price)
  • Loading the card through supported payment methods – 1% of the transaction value
  • Monthly management fee – €1
  • ATM withdrawal – €3.5 flat rate
  • Foreign exchange fee – 3%


When it comes to transaction and balance limits, C.Pay has among the highest in the market – you can spend up to €30K in a single online transaction with the virtual card.

However, the plastic card has lower limits due to restrictions by merchants and other stakeholders. The daily loading limit is €30 while the daily withdrawal limit is capped at €450.

Cashback and other nenefits

Cryptopay does not have a cashback program for its payment card yet. However, you can earn some decent rewards by referring friends to the platform.

When someone joins Cryptopay using your link, you get 10% of the fees they pay. Even so, you need to note that you don’t need to have this card to participate in the referral program.

Coinbase debit card

Coinbase Debit card

The Coinbase debit card is a Visa card that lets you use any of the digital coins in your Coinbase portfolio to make purchases. Users earn crypto rewards for their purchases and won’t pay a signup or annual fee. The Coinbase debit card will work with any retailer or merchant who accepts Visa as a form of payment.

Check out the Coinbase debit Visa card and get started earning crypto rewards on all your purchases!

Visit Coinbase Debit card

The Coinbase card will connect to your Coinbase account to allow you to spend crypto at a Visa-accepting merchant.

Coinbase exchanges your crypto to US dollars at the point of sale. This saves you the hassle of selling your digital coins every time you need to spend at a merchant that does not accept crypto.

However, if the merchant does not accept USD payments, another conversion will happen on the Visa network, which might cost you a little more.


coinbase debit card

At the moment, you can hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your wallet for use with the card.

The company does not charge for signing up for the card; neither do they charge monthly fees. However, other fees are charged as follows:

  • Issuance of the plastic card – 4.95 €
  • Cash withdrawal either at an ATM or over the counter – Free when you withdraw up to 200 € or equivalent per month. For amounts exceeding 200 €, you will be charged 2% of the transaction value
  • Purchase payment at a POS – 3% of the transaction value
  • Replacing lost cards – 4.95 € for every replacement
  • Processing chargebacks – 20 €
  • Crypto liquidation – 2.49% of the transaction

A full fee statement is also available on the Coinbase Card App Settings

Cashback and other benefits

Cashback rewards for using this card rank average – you earn up to 4% of what you spend. There are no other rewards, such as referrals, that the Coinbase card users can take advantage of.

Bitpay debit card

Bitpay Debit card

With the Bitpay debit card, you can pay for goods and services anywhere Mastercard is accepted. This flexible, reloadable card lets you add funds to your card without charging extra fees. Plus, you can track transactions and manage your account with the Bitpay mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

Sign up for your Bitpay debit Mastercard on the Bitpay site and start using it at merchants and retailers anywhere you make purchases.

Visit Bitpay Debit card

Unlike the other prepaid cards we have reviewed, Bitpay’s payment card is powered by Mastercard.

That doesn’t make much difference since Mastercard is also globally available.

Getting the Bitpay card is as easy as downloading the app, loading the wallet, and ordering it. The card can be used for purchases and withdrawals, including over-the-counter cash withdrawals, just like most cards support.


bitpay debit card

No fee is charged for loading the card (although bank transfers are not supported), but conversions are subject to the prevailing exchange rates.

Card issuance or replacement is charged $10, ATM withdrawals $ 2.50, foreign exchange conversion 3%, and inactivity $5 per month after 90 days of no transaction. Merchant payments cost 3% of the transaction value. No monthly maintenance fee is charged.


As for card limits, you can withdraw a maximum of $2,000 per transaction a maximum of three times a day. Loading and spending limits are $10,000 per day, while the maximum balance you can hold is $25,000.

Cashback and other benefits

The Bitpay payment card does not come with any cashback or other reward programs yet.


Crypto debit cards are set to transform the way we spend digital currencies – they are bridging the gap between crypto and fiat money even more.

Although these cards are relatively new in the market, several cryptocurrency exchanges have jumped at the opportunity to avail themselves to users.

Besides benefiting from the convenience of paying for what you like with crypto, some of these cards offer cashbacks through which users can earn as they spend.

The transaction fees vary among card issuers, but you can be sure you will not find them exorbitant. Also, although the different card issuers impose transaction limits, they are not prohibitively low.

Bottom line, this is a good time to get yourself a crypto payment card to help you unlock the full power of crypto as a transactional currency.