Last update: Apr 11, 2021

Strategic Acquisitions

Through our acquisition activities, Smart Billions seeks to strengthen its digital footprint by providing the most detailed and in-depth Blockchain-related content.

We’re big Blockchain proponents and we’re always looking to add more related digital assets to our portfolio. Our holding company, Sharp Capital, is the main hub for all valuations and acquisitions.

One of our most recent acquisitions has been a company called


Bitcoin Air was a content media company that was reviewing the best places to buy and sell crypto. It fits perfectly with our mission:

At Smart Billions, we want to create an environment that makes Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology easy to digest.

We’ll update this page with new acquisitions as they happen. Till then, here’s a recommended reading:

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author Andrej Ilisin

A serial entrepreneur working primarily with digital assets. He's the CEO of Sharp Capital, a company that focuses on growing online businesses. Andrej is also huge crypto, chess, and CrossFit enthusiast.