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How does it work

  • Player chooses 6 numbers (0-15) in specific order. For example: 4, 15, 9, 5, 0, 13. Bet is accepted in block 4098562.
  • The bet result will come in the third future block (+3): 4098565 The draw result is the last 6 digits of block 4098565 hash, i.e. 2f3b0d
  • Numbers are converted into decimal format.
    Hexadecimal 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f
    Decimal 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
    The draw result is: 2, 15, 3, 11, 0, 13.
  • 3 numbers match: 15, 0 and 13.
  • Player receives payout

Key features

  • The lottery is operated by a fully independent smart contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor.The whole process is held on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Full transparency and security thanks to the smart contract’s elimination of any third-party involvement in the lottery process and management of funds.
  • Lack of sign-up requirements provide full anonymity with instant Ticket purchase capabilities.
  • Highest initial Jackpot value among online lotteries with an unprecedented wins structure not limited to the Jackpot value
  • Near instantaneous bet placement (under 1 minute), results (approximately 60 seconds) and win payout (instant).

Media About Us:

SmartBillions vs. online and offline competitors

Max win 2 324 000 000 (2.34 billion) USD* 518 549 (518.5 thousand) USD** 52 800 000 (52.8 million) USD***
Jackpot payout 7 000 000 x 223 260 x Volatile (26 400 400 x **)
Numbers range Simply 0-15 Complex 1-49 and 1-26 Complex 1-69 and 1-26
Jackpot odds 1:16 777 216 1:49 578 984 1:292 201 338
Structure Decentralised Centralized Centralized
Jackpot management Smart Contract Admin Operator
House edge 13,85% 21,28% >50%
% of ticket sales to jackpot 95% 60% 50%
Transaction cost 0.03$ 0.35$ Ticket purchase in person
*As for September 08 2017 / **As for September 08 2017 / *** As for September 04 2017

Discover the difference between SmartBillions Crowdfunding and other ICO’s

Token Backers downside protection Token reedem possibility No protection No protection No protection
Funds for the development team 10% 60% 80% 60%
Funds for Jackpot/bankroll 90 % lottery Jackpot 40 % house bankroll 20 % house bankroll 32 % lottery Jackpot
Divident payout Managed by Smart contract Initiaded by Admin Initiated by Admin Initiated by Admin
Dividend Value Transparent and public, calculated by smart contract with no 3rd party involvement Depending on the Admin, Funds from internal address will be allocated to the Divident payout address Depending on the Admin, Funds from internal address will be allocated to the Divident payout address Depending on the Admin, Funds from internal address will be allocated to the Divident payout address
Token allocation Immediately after receiving funds 7 days after crowdsale ends Immediately after receiving funds After crowdsale ends
Raised funds storage Smart contract - guaranteed security proven by hackathon Internal Bitdice addresses - no guaranteed security Internal Edgeless adress - no guaranteed security Internal True Flip address - no guaranteed security


SmartBillions is not a company. It's a smart contract that conducts a decentralized lottery with a theoretically unlimited Jackpot potential. We believe the quality and value of SmartBillions contract technology will validate its superiority above all existing lottery services. To verify the security of the SmartBillions contract, the SmartBillions Team will host a hackathon 7 days prior to the start of the limited crowdfunding Token (SMART) sales. The SmartBillions development team will place 1500 ETH in the contract Jackpot and offer an open invitation for anyone to try and hack the contract and withdraw the funds. The hackathon will prove the security of the contract and certify that Token holders’ investments are fully protected.

We stand against the greedy business models of ICOs with fraudulent intentions and unfair fund and token distribution schemes, which operate without genuine products behind them. We stand for fundamental blockchain values (decentralization, disintermediation, transparency, security and freedom), as well as comprehensive investor transparency.

The Token and fund distribution models offered by SmartBillions are extremely favorable for Investors. SmartBillions is the first ICO to offer downside protection for its crowdsale backers.

Blockchain is not just about people - it’s about providing people with the right technology. It's about revolutionizing historic industries which have long been based on monopolies and a lack of transparency and have worked against the benefit of the community. And just like blockchain and the idea of the smart contract, SmartBillions is not about the people behind it. It is about the people who use it and their fully transparent freedom to win.